Plex coming to the new Apple TV

Plex is a great way to view your local content on a variety of devices, second only to Kodi in my opinion. It has been officially available for iPhones and iPads for a while, but has been missing from the Apple TV, where it most belongs, due to the Apple TV’s lack of an app store. It looks like that’s going to change with the new Apple TV. In an interview with ITworld, Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski said “there is no question we will be able to offer Plex on the platform,” reffering to tvOS, the operating system on the new Apple TV. When pressed about concerns that something may restrict Plex from landing on the new Apple TV, Olechowski was confident that no such restrictions existed.

  1. ralph kaz says:

    the question i would have had for him is if the siri voice search would work across Plex content – if yes, i would buy one instantly

    • AFTVnews says:

      I would be really interested in that as well. I highly doubt it would be possible. I’m confident that Siri search will use a similar server side database structure as the Fire TV. Meaning, Siri can only bring up search results that are identical for everyone. Everyone has the same Netflix library, but not everyone has the same Plex library.

  2. Keith says:

    Well that makes it about 50% better as far as Im concerned. I used to run it on my atv3 and thought it was odd that apple didnt break it with updates.
    Still not for me since Im way too invested in kodi but this is a nice move by apple. Might attract thousands of plex users.
    Did I hear right about no 4k support, though? How does a tech company even have the guts to omit that? Its another sign that apple wants to love apple tv but just cant. Jobs used to piss me off by omitting things that are useful like hdmi ports, sd card slots etc. But that made sense because he wanted a clean, simple design and he saw those things as unnessary and/or soon to be obsolete. This makes no sense. In a couple of years 4k will become the norm. This box isnt future proof, it might technically not be ready for the present!

  3. pmcd says:

    This is great news.Now for Amazon Video. I don’t understand this 4k obsession. Almost no content, embroiled in licensing issues, … The reason for the omission is not technical. All the issues have to be worked out before Apple officially adds something. If you need 4k now then this is not the product for you.

    • Keith says:

      Its here. I dont own a 4k tv but will probably upgrade within 2 years. Technology moves faster as it goes. Apple used to think ahead almost to a fault (as I referenced above). So this omission not only turns off early adopters of 4k but as more people get 4k theyll be asking if the device supports it, or theyll return it when they realize apple tv cant do it. To me its just an argument to support the fact that apple still hasnt REALLY embraced set top boxes. Thats not such a harsh criticism since I think most android users care little about it as well. Myself excluded…

      • Volker says:

        What stops you from upgrading to a new ATV 5 (or whatever it will be called) in two years? The colossal investment of 149$ ?

        If you want one now, buy one. If you want 4k support buy one next year or the year after…

        This box is to be seen like a smartphone. Upgraded at least every two years.

        • kkkk says:

          Agreed. This seems to be a common practice. Hold back a couple of features and then release those features in 2 years.

          It’s a bit of a let down, but there’s little 4K content, and not many people with 4k TVs.

        • Keith says:

          2 years was a vague ball park estimate. I have no idea when ill upgrade (probably when the price lowers and the content availability improves).
          But does this really need to be debated? Most other companies include it already. If we as consumers demanded more then maybe we wouldnt need to buy a new shiny box every 2 years. But the fact is we enable the disposable business ventures to go on because like you suggested, its cheap enough. Apple is notorius for this! Some of that show the other day was cringeworthy. Id rather have whats available today and make them try harder to please me then to have them sell me the 4k upgrade in a year or so and fork over another sum of money (no matter how petty,). They talk about tv not changing over decades and then they try to sell a box that couldve been produced a few years ago.

          • Volker says:

            But does this really need to be debated?

            No, just don’t buy it… and stop debating it.

            I never get people who are complaining about missing features on models. Like buying a Porsche 911 and complain that they can’t take their four children with them. If that is your need a 911 is the wrong car. If 4K is your need the new Apple TV is the wrong box…

            ..and that is OK. Apple never produced a product for anyone. Buy a Shield and be happy with it, but criticizing products who doesn’t fit your needs? Why? Vote with your $$$ and don’t buy it.

  4. nyder says:

    Does AFTV mean Apple Freaking TV now? Just curious as to why an Apple TV Plex app is getting a review on the Amazon Fire TV site? Or has the site changed now to reflect other devices and I didn’t get the memo?

  5. momchil says:

    I talked to some guys from Plex at IFA last week and asked them about Plex interface for Fire TV. They said that the update is coming very soon.

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