Plex app goes Freemium — Now free with limited functionality

Plex is one of the most popular apps for the Fire TV. It ranked #1 on the list of most popular apps purchased by AFTVnews readers. The app organizes all of your personal media across your computers and makes it available to stream on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, in addition to other devices. It may not be as powerful as Kodi, but it competes by being a breeze to setup.

Plex was a $4.99 app, up until today when it switched to a freemium pricing model. You can now instal and try the app for free with limited functionality. Mainly, music and videos streamed from your Plex Media Server are limited to 1 minute of playback; enough time to get a feel for the service and its stream quality. You can then unlock the apps full functionality through an in-app purchase or by signing up for Plex’s paid subscription service, Plex Pass, which provides even more features. If you’ve purchased the app before today’s change, there’s no need to worry. The app should detect that fact and unlock its full functionality.

  1. Sunkast says:

    Does this mean that there is no longer an option to purchase the just app without Plex Pass? I don’t think I would have sign up for a subscription just to get access to the Plex app.

  2. Jason says:

    Actually they went freemium on the 26th of January, along with the updated Android UI.

    However.. I’m on the latest version, and it still looks like the old version.

    Looks nothing like the screenshots.

    I really like the PS4 version.. very minimal and clean.

  3. Jason says:

    OK I’m seeing some UI differences during video playback, but the On Deck/Recently Updated home screen and video pages still looks like ass.

  4. asd says:

    I hope that means they have fixed all the bugs.

  5. digiblur says:

    If only they could get something more than 2.0 audio working. With only 2.0 audio its useless for a lot of content.

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