Philo TV to consolidate into a single $20 plan — Subscribe by May 6th to keep $16 price

Philo TV has announced that they will be consolidating their streaming service offering to a single $20 per month plan that includes all 58 channels that they carry. This means that the currently available $16 package with 45 channels will no longer be available after May 6th. The great news is that anyone who signs up for the cheaper plan before May 6th will be able to keep the plan and the lower price indefinitely. To sign up by the deadline, follow this link and be sure to select the 45 channel plan before entering your payment info.

Anyone who is already subscribed to the $16 plan will also be able to keep the plan and the lower price. Whether you’re already signed up or you do so before May 6th, you will also be able to freely switch between the $16 per month 45 channel package and the $20 per month 58 channel package at any time in the future without fear of losing the $16 option. As long as you subscribe by May 6th and your subscription doesn’t lapse, you will always be able to switch to the $16 plan.

Philo’s $16 plan is among, if not the most affordable streaming TV service options available. While $20 is still a great price, I expect most people can do without the additional channels that get included when you pay an extra $4 per month. Either way, it’s best to keep the $16 option available, so it’s best to sign up by May 6th if you’ve been considering Philo TV.

Philo is also one of the few streaming services that integrates into the Fire TV’s built-in TV guide and live channel interface. This means that your Philo channels will appear alongside other live channels, like Prime Video Channel subscriptions or Fire TV Recast channels, in the same interface. You don’t need to launch the Philo app just to tune into a live channel, but the app is still where you’ll access advanced features, like their DVR service.

  1. damien says:

    They have a 30 day free trial. I didnt want to post cause i.didnt fit this platform, but since ypu posted that.

    I think its still active even tho it says expired on groupon.

  2. Virginia Wiley says:

    There is way to many sports channels and ABC, NBC and CBS are not part of the line up.

  3. opp says:

    Sucks that they dont have FX, Syfy & USA…if they did I would jump on this with the quickness

  4. Christopher Flynn says:

    Can current $20 subscribers pop down to the $16 plan without starting a new account?

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