Philo brings their $16 per month package of 40 channels to the Amazon Fire TV

Philo has just launched their streaming TV service on all Fire TV devices. The Philo app is now live in the Fire TV appstore and is compatible with all Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Philo is a TV streaming service that offers a 40 channel package for just $16 a month, making it one of the least expensive alternatives to traditional cable or satellite TV.

Philo’s base $16 per month package of 40 channels includes a wide selection of networks. Notably missing are sports channels, like ESPN and Fox Sports, and local broadcast channels, like ABC, NBC, and FOX. Omitting those types of channels is how Philo is able to price their package so low. They also offer a $20 per month package that adds 9 additional channels to the base package, for a total of 49 channels.

Philo’s closest competitor is AT&T’s recently launched WatchTV service, which offers 37 channels for $15. However, unlike AT&T WatchTV, which is a very bare-bones service, Philo offers perks found on with more expensive TV services. For starters, Philo allows for 3 simultaneous streams, where AT&T WatchTV only offers 1 stream at a time.

Another great feature of Philo is their unlimited DVR. It allows you to save content in the cloud to watch later for 30 days. The DVR service even allows for ad-skipping. AT&T WatchTV does not offer a DVR at all. Another Philo perk is compatibility with TV Everywhere apps. For most of the networks you get with Philo, you’ll be able to use your Philo subscription to activate the individual network’s own apps to get access to more content.

Philo is available to try now with a 7-day free trial. The nice thing is that you don’t need to give them your credit card information to try the service, so there’s no risk of forgetting about it and ending up with an unexpected charge.

  1. clocks says:

    If only it had FX, it would be perfect. But I know they can’t get that without having to pay for the whole FOX bundle.

  2. Brandon says:

    Does the Philo Fire tv app have the guide like the website?

    • Todd says:

      No, it is almost identical to the Roku app.

      • Jim Carter says:

        I concur with everything Todd said. Watching Philo right now on Fire TV Stick. It looks like my Roku is going back into retirement.

      • Brandon says:

        Thanks Todd. Yeah I was hoping they would wait to implement the guide but I think AT&T forced their hand with WatchTV. Philo has all the shows my wife watches and the price is right so we will compliment PS Vue with Philo.

  3. Kylara says:

    Can you access older episodes, or this live stream and you can only binge what you save on the DVR?

  4. Dennis says:

    Garbage selection of channels. More than likely these channels are paying Philo to air their channels just to improve their ratings!

  5. KeKyKo says:

    Boo no AndroidTV.

  6. Joe D. says:

    I only want like 11 of those channels and I really don’t want to contribute to the rest. Why is it so hard to let us choose the channels we wish to support?

  7. Felix J. Torres says:

    Because bundle discounts are a standard business practice going back decades and not just for video. (Think of LP Albums vs singles.)

    A true ala carte service, when if arrives will almost certainly charge $2-3 per “lesser” channel and $5 for the more popular ones.
    (Look to single episode vs full season bundle sales as a guide of what to expect.)

    So your choice of 11 unbundled channels would hit you $22. :)

    The idea behind these services is to bypass the cablecos, not cut the networks’ profits.

  8. ROLANDA KATES says:

    How do I get this free trial?

    • Brandon says:

      You can do it through the app or go to You put in your telephone number which grants you the first two days of the trial. They will send you a text with a code to access the service. You have to repeat this for every device you add like two factor authentication. After the two days, if you wany to try the other 5 days you need to add your payment info which you can cancel before the end of the 7 day trial.

  9. Kevin says:

    I’ve tried, paid for and subscribed to Vue, Sling and now Philo. I’m sticking with Philo. I don’t care about sports, and I can get local channels with an antenna. The other services are at $40/mo! For what? Philo has all the channels I care about and more. Love it.

  10. ygg says:

    can you subscribe if in another country?

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