Penguins on Ice is a great new free Fire TV game worth checking out

The new game Penguins on Ice has just been released for Amazon Fire TV devices and it’s a great free game for casual play. Inspired by the Turbo Tunnel level in the classic Battle Toads game for NES, you play as a penguin sliding down a course while avoiding obstacles and jumping over seals, gaps, and more. The game is easy to pick up and challenging to master, thanks to its gradual difficulty ramp up. If you’re looking for a casual game to fill those few minutes here and there when you have to pause what you’re watching while you wait for someone to refresh their drink or grab a snack, Penguins on Ice is worth a try.

I’m not being paid or compensated in any way to promote this game, but, in full disclosure, the developer is a friend of mine, so I’d love for you to give this game a try. In fact, the developer of this game is no other than the person who has coded the majority of my Downloader app over the years. So, if Downloader has been helpful in the past, please consider giving Penguins on Ice a try and consider reviewing it simply to show thanks for the great work he has done on Downloader.

Penguins on Ice is retro to its core in a delightful way, down to its charming 4:3 aspect ratio, despite being released in 2020. It’s playable with either a Fire TV remote or a Game Controller. In the game, you use the directional buttons to move a penguin sliding down an ice track up, down, left, or right to avoid obstacles. Pressing select causes the penguin to jump, which is necessary to avoid things like erratic seals or gaps in the ice.

As you slide down the track, obstacles and warnings flash on the screen a second or two before they actually appear, to give you a chance to prepare for what’s to come. Just when you start getting comfortable with the rhythm and pace, a new obstacle type is bound to arrive and keep you on your toes. Pro tip, the shaking banner signs can fall and keep an eye out for trampolines!

The game has 4 levels to master, well, 5 if you count the “Troll” level which you’ll just have to reach on your own to learn about. Each level has a finish line to reach before you can move on to the next. If you don’t want to progress through the levels you can just play the Endless mode to see how far you can reach. The Endless mode has an internet leaderboard where you can see how you rank against everyone else playing. Submitting to the leaderboard is optional.

Penguins on Ice is a very simple game on the surface but it actually packs a considerable amount of depth when you start to get better and further into the levels. I always keep a casual game on my main Fire TV as a go-to for jumping into when I’ve got time to spare. Penguins on Ice is perfect for that and I’m genuinely not just saying that because I know the developer. The game is completely free so I’d love for you to give it a shot to help out a very talented developer that has done a lot for the Fire TV community. The game is in both the Amazon Appstore, for Fire TVs, and in the Google Play Store, for Android devices.

  1. Nils Vos says:

    What kind of controller do you need?

    • Johannes says:

      Hi Nils! Developer here :) It works with all FireTV remotes, as well as all game controllers we tested with (amazon gc, xbox 360, nvidia shield). You can also play it on your phone, via touch gestures. Enjoy!

  2. cheryl jones says:

    You might want to just put a couple of sentences on how to use the fire tv remote both on Amazon website and the game on the fire tv. I found the graphic with red/yellow/white lines but didn’t know what it meant. Then I read the full article and Elias explained it.

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Does it contain Ads on Fire TV version? Google Play store says it does.

    • Johannes says:

      It currently doesn’t, but might again in the near future. We were trying to incorporate the amazon ads framework, but encountered an internal server error on their developer console. Amazon kept us waiting for more than 3 weeks now and still haven’t fixed this. A bit annoying, but means ad-free gaming for firetv users (for now)

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