Peacock app on Fire TV now links its in-app profiles with Fire TV profiles

The Peacock TV app for Fire TV devices has added the ability to link its internal profiles to those used by the Fire TV. Once linked, switching the Fire TV profile being used will automatically switch the selected profile within the Peacock app.

The capability of linking app profiles to Fire TV’s device profiles first appeared about a year ago. The Discovery+ app was the first app to integrate this feature with its in-app profiles. I’m not aware of any other apps that link app profiles with Fire TV profiles, but I don’t use separate profiles much in my home so I’m not the one who would really notice this being added. If you’re aware of other apps that can link profiles, please mention the app in the comments!

When you create or change your profile within the Peacock app, you should now see a prompt that asks if you’d like to link the Peacock profile with the Fire TV profile currently being used. As mentioned, doing so will cause the Peacock profile to automatically be chosen whenever that Fire TV profile is being used and the Peacock app is launched.

If you link the wrong profiles together or change your mind, you can go into the Fire TV’s settings to adjust which apps are linked. This is done by selecting the profile icon on the Fire TV home screen and selecting the pencil icon below one of the profiles. On the profile edit screen, you’ll see a “Linked App Profile” menu item that allows you to enable or disable profile linking on a per-app basis.

Big thanks to AFTVnews reader Oasis for spotting this change and letting me know! Please leave a comment below if you know of any apps, other than Peacock and Discovery+, that have profile-linking capabilities.

  1. Nvidia Shield Guy says:

    This isn’t too new. It’s been there since at least September of last year when I ordered a Gen 2 cube from Woot. I ran across it when setting everything up then. Specifically when looking to add peacock channels to live tv.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think what is NEW is the ability to link PEACOCK. I have not seen any other major streaming service use this feature. Still waiting for any update that would allow Peacock LIVE channels to be integrated into the FIRE TV Guide. But, that may never come if Comcast and Charter want to compete with their own Xumo Play streaming service and hardware.

      • Nividiashieldguy says:

        Peacock is actually working in the live TV guide for me. I think I installed the Android TV version from my Nvidia Shield. 15 channels.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ah. Interesting. The ‘official’ Fire TV version keeps listing PEACOCK in the LIVE TV settings section, but never allows you to select it to be included in your LIVE TV Guide.

  2. Voraroc says:


    I recently installed Peacock TV and it was probably down for a few hours. Is there any way to check the app status?

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