Peacock app now available on Fire TV — How to switch from sideloaded to official version

The Peacock app for Fire TV devices is now available in the Amazon Appstore. NBCUniversal and Amazon said the app would “be compatible with the entire Fire TV product line-up” but that is unfortunately not the case. The app is not currently compatible with the 1st-gen Fire TV or the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but if you would like to try sideloading the official Fire TV version on those devices, you can enter 2119 (or into my Downloader app. This version of Peacock for Fire TV devices is newer than the Android TV version that everyone has been sideloading, so, hopefully, it addressed the issues people were having with the previous version. If you already have Peacock sideloaded on your Fire TV, read on for what you should do to switch over to the official version.

The sideloaded version of Peacock, which was pulled from Android TV devices, has a different package name than the version released today for Fire TV devices. This means that the official Fire TV version will not overwrite or update the sideloaded version. While this does mean that you can technically keep both the sideloaded and the official Fire TV version of Peacock on your Fire TV simultaneously, there’s not much reason to do so.

If you have the sideloaded version of Peacock installed, you should uninstall it before installing the official Fire TV version. If you need them, instructions on how to uninstall apps can be found here. Once the app is uninstalled, search for “Peacock” on your Fire TV and install it from the Amazon Appstore. Note that you will probably need to scroll a bit to the right to find the official Peacock app when you search. For me, it was the 10th app on the list when I searched for “Peacock.”

  1. oasis_001 says:

    Nice to be able to place the PEACOCK app in the six (6) tiles on the Fire TV home screen. Nice to be able to use search in Fire TV to find Peacock content. Nice that the official Fire TV version of the app is smaller in size (28MB) than the sideloaded Android TV version (48MB) was.

  2. Stewart Silverman says:

    Strange. After finally becoming available on the Amazon firestick, I uninstalled the side loaded app for Peacock and launched the “official” one. But, instead of getting the Peacock logo, I got the NBC logo and the only content available for Peacock was a preview. Any suggestions?

  3. Jack says:

    Anybody know of a way to get this app to run on a rooted Fire stick

  4. Brett Qualls says:

    I did not see any live tv sources for the Peacock App. Has there been any information on fire tv live guide integration with Peacock’s linear guide. I have confirmed peacock has been integrated with the Firetv search feature.

  5. Dan says:

    Is anyone else having issues with the app skipping to advertisments early just like the sideloaded app?

  6. TechyChris says:

    Finally got around to this.
    Uninstalled the sideloaded version, installed the Official Amazon App Store version, no problems. Can confirm Official Version functions identical on my Fire Cube Gen 2 as well as Fire Stick Gen 3.
    Zero audio lag. No Commercial sync problems. Also I have access to the Comcast subsidized Premium Version, I was able to login without issue. The only annoyance, and it’s minor, it seems to take about 30-40 seconds for the Live Channels to adjust to full HD.

  7. sam says:

    thanks a lot man , finally it worked on my firestick 2021

  8. German John says:

    Is anybody running Peacock in Europe/Germany? I created an Amazon account in the US and am running a VPN. I can’t see Peacock app in the App Store, so I sideloaded it. When I run it, it tells me I need to update the app. It goes to the App Store (I assume) and I install the updated (?) app. It installs ok, then I run it and it tells me I need to update again.

    Any ideas??

    • MC says:

      I have the exact same problem since months, also from Germany. Did you find any solution? Thanks in advance

  9. T says:

    I have been unable to get the side lid to work on a Gen 1 Fire TV and the official app isn’t available for gen 1 fires. It installs and runs correctly, even plays previews, but an error screen appears when trying to play any content. I have tried restarts/reinstalls/clearing cache etc with the same result. Anybody else find a solution?

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