PBS Video and PBS Kids apps now on the Amazon Fire TV


PBS and PBS Kids apps have just been released for the Fire TV. These apps have been featured on the Fire TV’s “coming soon” list for quite a while. Both apps feature a slew of great video content completely for free. Once installed, both apps need to be activated, but unlike other apps which need activation, a cable subscription is not required to activate these apps. All you need is a free PBS.org account. The PBS Video app features full length episodes of Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Endeavour, Breathless, and many more popular TV shows.

To activate the PBS or PBS Kids app for the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick:

  1. Mark says:

    Outstanding! Wonder if someone actually read my concerns because after I posted them, actual, REAL and USEFUL channels began springing up! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  2. David E says:

    Is anyone having any luck activating the PBS Kids app after installing it? Mine gets to the point where you have to select your local station, I try to do that, but nothing happens whatever station I click, therefore it never activates.

    • David E says:

      The activation seems buggy but I figured it out the workaround. You have to click More Stations, which gives you the same list of stations, but on that screen you have a Confirm Station button. Activated now.

      • David E says:

        The PBS Video activation requires a mouse (plugged into the USB port) to activate. That was a bit confusing because it lets you play some videos even before you activate.

    • Myra says:

      Really , David! I have been wasting my time trying to activate this thing for 40 minutes. I give up! Wish they would get their tech stuff right before they put it out there!

    • tina says:

      Me to need help

  3. Susan says:

    Just got the new Amazon Fire TV with PBS option but it is unwatchable. We are in a rural area with subpar internet speeds however, I’ve had no problems with Amazon Prime or Netflix watching via my Kindle. On the Fire TV PBS stops every few seconds to download rendering it annoying and unwatchable. I am going to return the Amazon Fire TV and stick with the Kindle for now. We had hoped to ditch Direct TV and use the internet but the Amazon Fire TV is not going to help us do this.


    Did everything I could but can’t get to where I put in the code from fire tv app. Not able to get this on my kindle?

  5. David Winton says:

    How do I use my Fire Stick to connect to PBS Video?

  6. Edward Abney says:

    I am attempting to “activate” the PBS app on my Amazon Fire TV. To date, no help from Amazon and I have searched the PBS.org site for instructions, but no luck so far. I did “register” with PBS and I will call them tomorrow to see if they have any information on the process.

  7. George says:

    would love to put in my activation code provided by my amazon fire tv set, however, cannot find where to go to do it!! very frustrating, have spent almost an hour reading forums about millions of people with the same problem, but no answers? PLZ help

  8. Karen says:

    If anyone figures out where to enter the activation code on pbs.org I sure would appreciate a heads up. I have followed all the sites and info and cannot find a place on pbs to enter the code. Very frustrating. HELP. Thanks

  9. DENA says:

    How do you activate PBSkids I recieved the code but cannot find anywhere to activate

  10. daniel overbury says:

    Amazon does this on purpose they call PBS a free app but everyone can see the truth. This is the start of no more Amazon. When companies do this word of mouth spreads. I have already cost amazon a couple customers and I will cost even more, so will others and people will buy other streaming devices not fire stick which is a joke. bigger companies than Amazon have faded away for the same B.S. I for one cannot wait see ya Amazon.

  11. Tammy says:

    First you need to go to http://www.pbs.org/activate and register. Once I completed that, I was able to get the pbskids.org/activate to load….put the code in and mine finally works!

    • Jodie says:

      Thank you hope it works all the others are simple. IT techs I work with them they like to be the ones to save the day. I’m going back to school justlearn IT. This one has been a pain thank you

    • michael fellion says:

      I went to PBS.org, registered, got not 6 or 7 digit code which is what the activate code is calling for. Bunch of BS.

  12. Rayetta Sharpe says:

    I am a hitch

  13. Rayetta Sharpe says:

    I’m a bicth

  14. Cecelia P Redmond says:

    Only got 6 digits NOT 7 for activation code 8GE7W6 is on the screen for the Amazon Fire Box app. The code you entered is incorrect, please try again. I have tried and tried even deleted the app and clicked again but still get a 6 digit and The code you entered is incorrect, please try again.

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