Partial fix for TWRP issues on Fire TV 1 now available


If you’ve installed TWRP on a rooted 1st-gen Fire TV and have run into the looping/blinking issue that some have experienced, there is now a partial fix that should allow some of you to get into TWRP to flash the pre-rooted Fire OS 5 ROM. The fix is only available for devices with an unlocked bootloader for now. Rbox told me he’ll be out of town until next week, so he won’t be able to make the fix compatible with all 1st-gen Fire TVs until later. While working to get to the bottom of the looping/blinking issue, rbox also managed to correct the issue causing incompatibility with 720p displays.

If you have a Fire TV 1 with an unlocked bootloader that has the looping/blinking TWRP issue, head over to this link and download bueller-twrp-test8.img to use inplace of the original bueller-twrp_3.0.0-6.img file. Remember, this is only for those who previously had ClockworkMod installed with a fully unlocked bootloader. If you’re experiencing the looping/blinking issue on a device that is already on Fire OS 5 with a locked bootloader, you’ll have to wait a couple weeks for the final fix to be released.

  1. John Mayer says:

    MD5Sum: 43535d77bc2ca976c542228f42c1a179 /sdcard/bueller-twrp-test8.img

  2. _u2pop_ says:

    not worked still blinking… :(

  3. Luc says:

    I was able to work around the problem by unplugging the keyboard and instead plugging in an USB flash stick (USB 3.0 64GB NTFS). With this trick, TWRP is loading. I then plugged the keyboard back in and went on with the process of flashing FireOS 5.
    Fully unlocked bootloader and using bueller-twrp_3.0.0-6.img. Hopefully this will help someone.

    • Luc says:

      This has to be done during one of the first loops, otherwise TWRP will not be able to mount /system.

      • John Mayer says:

        I tried all kinds of combinations with several Sticks, USB HDD, USB-DVD, active and passive USB hub and just having USB-Storage or Wireless Keyboard alone attached to the FireTV’s USB-Port while booting into TWRP recovery via ‘adb reboot recovery’ or Sans-Bootmenu and switching USB before the menu times out to boot into recovery.

        The only thing a bit different seems to be the interval TWRP takes to crash.

        Using a 1080p Sony Bravia TV. A 2nd Samsung 720p TV exhibits the same behaviour.

        Could not see a difference between the initially released TWRP and Test8.

        Also tried wiping the recovery partition with /dev/zero before writing Test8, did not make a difference.

        In the XDA Forums someone said TWRP started successfully after a few hours of looping (TWRP crashing). Will leave it running now :)

        • Kevin says:

          Did you read the comments many have posted around for this? You can manually fix this issue pretty easy. Just flash back to cwm. I wiped everything on my drive (firetv) leaving /sdcard/ intact, ( but formated data, system, cache, etc) flashed the latest os3 back, ( not rebooting at all during this ) then adb in to cwm ( do not reboot ) and flash the recovery ( the original one will work after this ) then I just powered down and it came back up to twrp with non of the original bootloop issues. I also went up to a friends complex ( about 20 college kids live there ) and out of them 4 people havd fire tvs with the same issue. I fixed them all in no tIme by doing the same thing. There is obviously something that gets wiped during the formatting / reflashing of os3 that was causing the issues with twrp.

          • Humberto says:

            Thank you so much!! it really worked this way, the only issue is that for some reason the first boot didn’t work, the Fire TV logo was loading but nothing happen, so I disconnected the Fire TV and finally boot with the new rom, thank you!!

            If anyone wants to try it, this is what I did:

            1. Connect your Fire TV to ethernet (wifi doesnt work on CWM to use ADB)
            1. Download last prerooted FireOS3 rom ( from
            2. Download last prerooted FireOS5 rom ( from
            3. Download bueller-twrp-test8.img (TWRP custom recovery fixed version) from
            4. Push all these files to your Fire TV folder /sdcard/
            5. Boot to Recovery (CWM)
            6. Wipe cache, format data, system and cache
            7. Install FireOS3 rom (
            8. Connect to ADB to your Fire TV
            9. Install bueller-twrp-test8.img using this guide: (just update the filename)
            10. Reboot your Fire TV from CWM options
            11. Now TWRP should be working fine!!
            12. Install prerooted FireOS5 rom (
            13. Reboot and you are done!! (if the Fire TV logo is there for long time just disconnect your Fire TV and it should be boot fine)

            Hope this guide helps someone else

          • GlammaGeek says:

            I had bootloops but since I hadn’t installed, I was able to boot back into FireOS3 and didn’t need to re-flash it. Once back in FireOS3, I:
            1) reflashed CWM,
            2) copied bueller-twrp-test8.img
            3) ran /bueller-twrp-test8.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery from adb shell.

            From there, it booted into TWRP and I was able to install, but the screen was distorted so I had to switch between 3 different TV’s in order to accomplish the last step.

            Since all 3 TV’s were problematic (i.e. old) I learned if flashing on a problem TV, give it time (about 10 minutes) to finish installing the update. You will think it’s bricked and not doing anything but it will be finishing the install.

        • John Mayer says:

          It worked now, after connecting the FireTV to an old 1080p Monitor using a HDMI->DVI cable, it was still crashing for like an hour, but after plugging it back into the Sony TV, the TWRP menu suddenly showed up just fine.

          Had to unmount /system in the shell for successful flashing of the prerooted FireOS5 ROM.

          • Raven says:

            What’s the command to unmount /system? Cause the one time I got TWRP to boot, it couldn’t unmount /system and the update failed. Not only did it fail, but now I can no longer boot into the old OS.

          • John Mayer says:

            I just opened the Terminal in TWRP and typed ‘umount /system’ — that did it for me.

            Maybe try displaying all mounts via ‘df’ or ‘mount’ command.

    • GlammaGeek says:

      Well I’ll be darned… TWRP will read NTFS??? I’m not being sarcastic. I’m really only asking because I’ve always only used FAT32. If so, that’s wonderful.

  4. Partial fix worked fine for me. My TV is 1080p so I only had the boot loop issue.

  5. My next question would be how to install the xposed framework and Rbox’s module. The guide from February is here: Is this info current?

  6. Juan says:

    Form me it worked fine at fisrt time. Thanks !!!!!
    Now it would be nice a Google Playa Store way to install.

  7. Jimmyboy says:

    Worked great for me. Thanks for the help!

  8. Smokey says:

    With the fix it worked great on my 1080 TV !!!

  9. Keith says:

    So can we flash this if we already have the blinking twrp? Or do we need to flash back to cwm then flash the test img?

    • Keith says:

      Just an FYI–I let twrp load for over an hour and eventually it booted to recovery. From there i installed OS 5. Now it boots to recovery as it should, no blinking.

      • E says:

        Can you please explain what do you mean “load for over an hour”?
        So you transferred the file from your PC to /sdcard/ then rebooted the AFTV and you let it blink for over an hour?

  10. kadafi says:

    I fear my beloved ftv1 may be bricked. I’m stuck with a flashing TWRP image and no OS will boot. I’m not sure what to do at this point.

    • kadafi says:

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wanted a ftv2 but I don’t want to use this as an excuse to buy one :)

    • GlammaGeek says:

      Since my main TV is wonky, What worked for me believe it or not, was to disconnect the HDMI cable and wait about 3 minutes for it to boot. Once I reconnected the HDMI cable, I had my FireOS

  11. damien says:

    thank you this worked on my toshiba that was in 1080 .

  12. max says:

    i am stuck at the amazon logo
    nothing happens
    do i have wait??
    what now? :(

  13. vgeldbr says:

    Once you have the blinking twrp logo issue how do you install the fix since you can’t get to recovery? I’m stuck on this now. I had installed latest 5 pre-rooted image and it was all working fine until the boot loop suddenly started today.

  14. Jakob says:

    My Firetv LED is blinking. On the TV i can see the TWRP logo, then it seems to reboot. is that the issue you are talking about ?

    it seems like the Firetv is not available over LAN. any chance for me ?

  15. Dude Me says:

    Is there any ETA on when the issues will be resolved? Is Rbox looking into it? Waiting for a better method to flash without having to deal with boot loops.

  16. Chris says:

    Any experienced an issue with TWRP whereby everything works fine but after a set period of time (I believe of inactivity) the aftv boots into twrp. I am finding that if i dont use the aftv during the day or over night, go to use it in the evening/morning and its in the twrp menu as opposed to kodi/aftv homescreen.

    This requires a manual reboot (unplug power) since i cant control anything within TWRP without hooking up a usb keyboard (ie, the remote doesnt do anything).

    Very annoying

  17. Jimmy says:

    Hi i cant download bueller-twrp-test8.img. any other links?

  18. Jimmy says:

    Hi can someone repost; bueller-twrp-test8.img download able link!

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