Paramount+, Showtime, Discovery+, AMC+, and many more are back at $0.99/mo for 2 months

Amazon has brought back its best deal on Prime Video Channels. Numerous subscriptions to popular streaming services like Epix, AMC+, Showtime, Paramount+, Discovery+, Starz, and more are currently on sale for $0.99 per month, for the next 2 months. As a reminder, canceling is very easy and can be done on in just a few clicks. When you cancel, you’ll still be able to watch content until the current month ends, so set a reminder for about 5 weeks from now if you don’t want to be charged the regular price after 2 months. You must be a Prime member to subscribe and this deal is set to end January 3rd. Read on for the full list of 18 services that are included in this deal.

  1. TechyChris says:

    Safe and Happy Holidays to Everyone!
    Back to business:
    I am interested in a couple of these channels BUT I have read more than a few negative reviews on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store and other forums, so I am hoping for some guidance:

    1. Many users claim that (for some of these services) the “Amazon Channel Version” is not exactly the same as “The App Version downloaded directly from the App Stores”.
    Specifically, the Amazon Channel does not have all the same content as the App counterpart. Also, The Amazon Channel is SLOW to add new content that in some cases has been available on the Appstore App version for weeks.
    Is there any truth to this?

    2. Is the Live Grid the only way to access an Amazon Channel? I have commented recently on AFTVnews that due to a bug I must enter my Parental Pin Code EVERY time when using the live grid, otherwise I have to shut off All Parental Controls making this a “NO GO” for me. (Amazon has been no help with this, too much time with tech support and help forums. Sadly, they can’t isolate the problem, so I gave up using the Live Grid for now)


    • Jay Brownz says:

      All of that is BS. All have live channels. PQ is better than original apps as Amazon uses higher bitrate. Same for Apple Channels.

  2. James Gauthier says:

    Paramount+ Amazon Channel has only 4 live channels whether through the channel thumbnail or Prime. Live in settings lets you manage channels, but Paramount+ is not listed there. Roku, Fire TV Sticks, CCwGoogle TV, Onn2k show Local CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, ET, just as on the CBS app.When my $0.99 subscription expires in a month, I will try the app for $9.99 to see if it has them. Devices: Roku 3, FTV 2, CCwGTV 1, Onn2k 1

  3. James Gauthier says:

    Paramount+ Fire TV, Roku or Google TV apps have 26 live channels including the four on the Amazon Channels version. The advantages of the Amazon Channels version are a common Prime watch list, ease of subscribing, much less storage used than the app.

    You can set up a login and password for the app on Roku, FTV, Google TV by following the FAQ instructions:

    How do I verify my Prime Video subscription to stream on or the Paramount+ app?
    First, you’ll need to verify your Paramount+ channel subscription by visiting This enables us to confirm that you have an active Paramount+ subscription on Prime Video

    FTV Paramount+ App has some bad reviews, so you may have to use the Amaazon channels version.

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