Pair of possible new Amazon Fire Tablets pass through FCC approval

Amazon has submitted two new FCC filings for a “Wireless Tablet,” as spotted by Liliputing. The two fillings, carrying similar FCC IDs of 2A4DH-2576 and 2A4DH-2578, were approved yesterday. The tablets are marked with nearly identical model numbers R2SP8T and R2SP9T, so they seem to be closely related.

One thing interesting about these FCC fillings is that Amazon used the company name “ Services LLC” to submit them. As Liliputing correctly points out, Amazon typically uses a shell company name for its FCC filings to avoid detection by impatient people like me, so it’s strange to see these tablets listed using Amazon’s actual name. Amazon typically only lists non-consumer products using its actual name. That said, Amazon did file for FCC approval of its Amazon Glow kids projector under the same “ Services LLC” name, so these new tablets could very well be the next Fire tablet models.

Amazon just released new Fire 7 tablets earlier this year, so if these new tablets are Fire models, they’re likely either Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 tablets. Amazon released the current Fire HD 8 in 2020 and the current Fire HD 10 in 2021, so both can conceivably be updated this year. For a while (2015-2018), Amazon was releasing a new Fire HD 8 tablet every year. For that reason and the fact that the Fire HD 8 is the oldest model in the current lineup, it seems most likely that these are new Fire HD 8 tablets. The different but similar model numbers could be for the regular Fire HD 8 and the slightly different Fire HD 8 Plus.

As per usual, the FCC filing doesn’t reveal much about these new tablets other than their existence. They both appear to be 802.11ac WiFi 5 devices, so it doesn’t seem like Amazon is making the jump to WiFi 6 with these new tablets, like it did with the release of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Both tablets also still have SD card slots, according to the FCC filing.

Amazon typically holds big Alexa and Fire TV events in September where new devices are announced. Amazon does not typically include the release of new tablets during these two September events, but maybe that’s going to change this year.

  1. Chris K says:

    Personally I’d love a new HD 6, but I don’t think that was ever a big seller for them.

  2. Gabriel Leontine says:

    Looking forward to seeing what Amazon will do with Fire OS 8 for TV

  3. Rik Emmett says:

    I wish they would release a tablet that can use cellular data.

  4. TechPimp says:

    I didn’t mind another budget tablet but let’s hope they finally make the bezels minimal so they are more portable.

  5. Emmie Stacy says:

    If they made one with a voice recorder built in, that would be great

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