Pair of Fire Game Controllers for $55 at RadioShack [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV is currently on sale for $79 and has been on sale several times, but the Fire Game Controller has held steady at $39.99 since it was released alongside the Fire TV back in April. RadioShack is currently running a 1 day promotion that gives you $25 off a $75 order. Since they sell the Fire Game Controller, it means you can get a pair for $55. Just add 2 controllers to your cart and use the coupon code SAVE25 at checkout. At $27.50 each, that’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the Fire Game controller.

Image SourceEngadget

  1. rich says:

    are there any games worth getting that support 2 controllers?

  2. young says:

    How bout just using this on the ftv itself for $79? Is that a possiblity?

    • AFTVnews says:

      It was a possibility for a very short window but the Fire TV has since sold out on RadioShack’s website and the code is only good online.

      • young says:

        lol after typing that comment I went to go purchase one and noticed this as well. I wonder if they really ever had any serious stock of this or were just following suit of bestbuy, amazon etc.

  3. BradH says:

    thanks! been waiting for a sale before pulling the trigger on a couple.

  4. Charlie says:

    Sold out :(

  5. Chahk says:


    I waited months for Amazon to discount these things, and then gave up and placed the order YESTERDAY!!! Here’s hoping they’ll take it back.

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