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My Next Chapter

When asked about how AFTVnews started, I usually say that I stumbled into it. Five years ago, I was a software engineer who was in between jobs and I was trying to figure out my next steps in life. I purchased a new gadget called the Amazon Fire TV that had just been released and I started to tinker with it. With plenty of time on my hands and a desire to fill it, I started this website to share what I had learned about the Fire TV and to help other owners get the most out of their device. I have never considered myself a writer or a journalist, and I certainly never thought that I’d make a living doing either, but the website simply continued to grow day after day, month after month, and year after year. Before I knew it, I was running this website full-time and loving every minute of it, but I’ve always had a desire to return to working in the tech industry, instead of just writing about it. A rare opportunity has now been presented to combine my affection for Fire TVs with my desire to work on tech again, that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve accepted a position with Amazon Lab126 as a Product Manager on the Fire TV team. Read more ›

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New Fire TV apps of the week — April 21 – 27

This past week there were 31 new apps and games released for Amazon Fire TV devices. The first-person shooter game Cyboid has released a new free version of their game to consolidate their Fire tablet and Fire TV versions into one app. DROPOUT, which was previously only available in the UK, has released a new international app. The streaming service is from the creators of CollegeHumor and features ad-free original shows that costs $3.99 per month. Meteonews is a new weather app that allows you to customize the interface by adding various widgets. Continue on for the full list of new apps and games released in the last 7 days. Read more ›

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Philo TV to consolidate into a single $20 plan — Subscribe by May 6th to keep $16 price

Philo TV has announced that they will be consolidating their streaming service offering to a single $20 per month plan that includes all 58 channels that they carry. This means that the currently available $16 package with 45 channels will no longer be available after May 6th. The great news is that anyone who signs up for the cheaper plan before May 6th will be able to keep the plan and the lower price indefinitely. To sign up by the deadline, follow this link and be sure to select the 45 channel plan before entering your payment info. Read more ›

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Select customers can get the Fire TV Stick 4K for $29.99

Amazon is currently running a targeted promotion that allows select customers to buy a Fire TV Stick 4K for $29.99 using promo code POWERFUL4K. You can also try the promo code 4KUPGRADE. The savings code will only work for certain customers and there is no way to know who those customers are or why they qualify. The offer terms indicate that this is an upgrade promotion being sent out to customers who have previously purchased or registered a streaming device, but having purchased a Fire TV model in the past is not enough to guarantee you’ll qualify for this promotion. The promo code is set to expire on May 7th.

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New Fire TV apps of the week — April 14 – 20

This past week there were 51 new apps and games released for Amazon Fire TV devices. Revenge of the Furry is a new tower defense strategy game for Fire TVs, which is a genre that we rarely see released on the platform. XUMO is a new free streaming service that offers over 160 channels of news, comedy, sports, and more. REELZ, which is a TV network focused on true stories and documentaries about celebrities and infamous people, has arrived this week on Fire TV devices. Harmony Express is a companion app for the new Logitech Harmony Express Remote, which allows the remote to launch Fire TV apps.H he armony Express Remote is a shift in Harmony’s universal remote strategy because it has Alexa built-in so that you can achieve most actions using only your voice. Continue on for the full list of new apps and games released in the last 7 days. Read more ›

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Amazon now offers free ad-supported music to all Echo owners

Amazon has just announced a new free music service for Echo owners. If you’re not a Prime member with access to Prime Music and are not an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber, you can now stream music from Amazon on your Echo device without paying anything. Read more ›

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Official YouTube and YouTube TV apps from Google are coming to Amazon Fire TV devices

Amazon and Google have just jointly announced that an official YouTube and YouTube TV app will be coming to Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition televisions later this year. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video will be coming to Android TV devices and Chromecasts. The long disagreement between the two companies that has kept their services apart seems to finally be coming to an end. Read more ›

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Amazon restores the ability to move and rearrange Fire TV apps

A new update rolling out to Fire TV devices has restored the ability to move apps on the Fire TV home screen and on the app grid screen. An update last month replaced the move functionality with a new pinning feature. This latest update appears to roll things back because the option to pin is gone and has been replaced with the previous “Move” and “Move to front” options. Read more ›

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