Overview of the new X-Ray feature on the Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Amazon slipped in a sleeping new feature with the last Fire TV update that they just woke up today. The new feature adds their X-Ray capabilities, first introduced on their Fire tablets, to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. X-Ray provides additional information about the actors, characters, and music in the movie or show that you’re currently watching through Amazon Instant Video. Here is an overview of the new X-Ray feature.

Interface & Use

One of the best things about the new X-Ray feature is how seamlessly it’s integrated into the Fire TV’s interface. While watching an Amazon Instant Video, you can simply press up or down on the Fire TV’s remote to display actor and music information about the scene you are currently watching. The video continues to play in the background while actor and music information is displayed in the foreground just above the progress bar. Pausing the video also displays the X-Ray information. Note that the image above shows a black screen due to Amazon’s DRM blocking screenshots of videos. On the Fire TV, the video you are watching remains on the screen.
xray-openPressing up on the Fire TV remote while the overlay is present (or while paused) will pause the video if it’s still playing and open the full X-Ray interface.


The first menu option in the X-Ray interface lists all the different scenes in the current movie/show. A screenshot and one like description of each scene is given, plus the time in the video the scene starts. You can jump directly to any scene by selecting it from this menu.

In Scene

The “In Scene” menu is the default screen shown when you first enter X-Ray. This screen shows you actor names, along with their character names, that are in the scene you are currently watching. You’ll also see song titles and artist names on this screen if there is music in the scene you are watching. Selecting an actor or song in this scene jumps into additional information about each item.



The “Actor” screen lists all actors and actresses in the movie/show you are watching. It also lists their characters name, as well as a short list of other movies or shows they’ve been in.
xray-actorSelecting an actor jumps into that persons detail screen with additional information about each person. Here you will find a short biography about the actor, a list of all the movies and shows they’ve been in, as well as trivia and facts about the actor. You can select a movie/show from their list of work and jump directly into that video if it’s available on Amazon Instant Video.


The “Characters” screen, as you’d expect, lists all the characters, along with the actor’s name, in the movie/show you are watching. On this screen you’ll also find a short description about each character and their background information.


The “Music” screen lists all the songs, along with their artists, that are in the movie/show you are watching. Also listed is the time in the video when the song starts to play. From this screen you can select to jump directly to that point in the video.


Lastly is a “trivia” section where you will find interesting tidbits of information about the movie/show you are watching.

  1. Hitcher says:

    I see there’s a few changes to the video OSD as well with this update that I didn’t know about until now. Can anyone else confirm that the the HD label is grey for 720p content and white for 1080p?


  2. Hitcher says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen it go to grey when playing HD material so I think it’s drops the quality if the connection is having problems. Stuff that’s just SD doesn’t have anything.

  3. Tom Oakhill says:

    How strange. I hate it with a passion. It open automatically whenever anything jiggles the mouse, such as the dog, covers about 20% of the screen, lingers for 10 seconds, and completely disrupts the viewing experience. It cannot be “closed”, you just have to wait the 10 seconds. I do NOT want any of this information at all, and certainly not during the movie.

  4. Jennifer Favorite says:

    This update has created a large black rectangle on the left side of the screen and my daughters show is zoomed in on the remaining 3/4 of the screen. How do I deactivate this!!!

  5. Curtis says:

    How do I turn it off? My screen is white and the show won’t display.

  6. Macie says:

    Cannot get rid of it cannot get full screen do not want any part of it have no interest but would like to see full pic not just audio

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