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With the release of the Amazon Fire TV in the UK we saw the release of a new software version. This new update, version, is now starting to makes its way to Fire TVs outside the UK. Read on for an overview of the changes this update brings.

New Netflix App
updatecompare514006420-netflixI consider the new Netflix App to be a feature of the Fire TV update because you need to have this new update installed in order to install the new Netflix app. The app is a major improvement from the previous one and seems to have been held back until this new Fire TV update was released. No word on why, but be sure to install it once your Fire TV updates.

Display Mirroring / Miracast
updatecompare514006420-mirroringA new menu option labeled “Enable Display Mirroring” has been added to the display settings options. This new feature allows you to mirror the display of a phone or tablet, that supports Miracast, onto your TV. Selecting the option displays a message informing you that “While this screen is open, guest devices can wirelessly mirror their display to your Fire TV.” I do not have a compatible mirroring device, so I was unable to test the feature. If you have a compatible device, I’d love to hear about your experience with this feature in the comments below.

Redesigned Display Scaling
updatecompare514006420-scalingThe display scaling adjustment screen has been given a makeover. The screen is now black instead of the previous blue-ish color, and the solid arrows have been replaced with thin arrows. The functionality of the screen has remained the same.

UK English Language Option
updatecompare514006420-languageA new language option for “English (UK)” has been added to the language selection screen added in the prevous update.


Tablet Games On Fire TV
tablet-game-controls-headerThe Fire TV can now play certain tablet games by simulating a cursor on the screen that is controlled with the Fire Game Controller. Thanks to Chad for pointing out this new feature in the comments. I’ve written a post here covering this new feature in more detail.

If you discover any changes I’ve missed, please be sure to mention them in the comments below!

  1. hdmkv says:

    Mirroring option was there before as I’ve been using my Kindle Fire HDX 7″ to do so. It looks like Amazon now support other Android phones & tablets, but question is which? I can’t find a list.

    One thing to be aware of. Although mirroring works very well, at least from my Kindle HDX, the aspect ratio on your TV will be 16:10 (same as tablet), so your 16:9 HDTV will have slim black bars on left/right.

  2. madusmacus says:

    Display Mirroring
    “guest devices” = Kindle – end of story
    my mirror cast devices see the tv but don’t work

    typical amazon gonads :¬(

  3. Joshua says:

    My nexus 5 mirrors to the fire tv perfectly, good enough to mirror videos and play games…. my surface pro 3 sees the fire tv and installs a driver but fails to connect.

    • Bill Taylor says:

      Microsoft wireless Display Adapter is a great solution available
      in the Microsoft store. windows 8.1 supports Miracast

  4. Zahni says:

    Screen Mirroring is Miracast. It *works* with my Nexus 5, but only in 2,4 GHZ Wifi. Fire TV was connected through cable LAN.

  5. Darren says:

    Well this is interesting. The Fire phone recently updated to 3.5.2 which seemed to fix miracasting to the fire tv (I was unable to miracast to both my fire tvs prior).

    Enter the new update to the fire tv! Miracast is now broken again with the fire phone. I updated one of my fire tvs to the new 514006420 and now the fire phone will not connect to it via miracasting.

  6. Helge says:

    New to me on German AFTV is the Music categorie on the Homescreen that gives access to your personel AmazonMusic Library, but not to the shop.

  7. jarope says:

    Had issues getting Moto X 2014 to mirror at first. All the signs that it wanted to connect but didnt do it.

    Solved it by unplugging the Ethernet cable and making box wireless. Connects fine now, may be obvious to some but thought I would mention it for others who were hard wired to the network.

  8. Chad says:

    I don’t know if this was a part of this update or has happened since, but the game store now has a BETA section for a category called ‘tablet games on fire tv’ It has a few games listed under each genre and available to download. I have been able to download and launch the five I tried. All of the games use the control stick like a touch screen and there is a circle on the display that tracks the movement. Some top shelf games on there too. Pretty cool!

  9. justin says:

    after i connect display mirroring for different two devices, both stay connect for less than 2 mins

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