Overview of Fire TV Stick Software Update

In conjunction with the release of the Fire TV Stick, Amazon simultaneously released the devices first update, taking the device from version to version If you’re blocking updates to maximize future rooting possibilities and wanted to know what you’re missing out on, or if you’re just curious what Amazon left out of the release units, then read on for an overview of what the Fire TV Stick’s first update adds.

updatecompare101016220-musicThe Fire TV Stick initial shipped without a Music section. The update adds access to your Amazon stored music in additional to music you’ve added to your library via Prime Music.

Home Screen Top Banner
updatecompare101016220-bannerThis update adds a thin but wide banner to the top of the Home screen. Right now the banner is advertising an Amazon Studios original series.

Remote App Support
updatecompare514013920-remoteappThe Fire TV Stick needs this first update in order to work with the new Fire TV Remote smartphone app.

Automatically Play Next Episode
updatecompare101016220-nextepisodeThis updaye allows the Fire TV Stick to automatically play the next episode of a TV show when the one you are currently watching ends. As the episode you are watching is about to end, a popup will appear in the lower left corner with the season and episode number of the next episode, as well as a screenshot. The popup also includes a circular countdown indicator letting you know how long before the next episode automatically begins. Pressing select on your remote when the popup is present will begin the next episode immediately.

Better Prime Content Buttons
updatecompare101016220-watchbuttonsMuch like with the latest Fire TV update, this update also makes it a bit clearer that movies and shows are included with Prime membership. Prime movies which previously displayed a button labeled “Watch Now with Prime” now say “Watch Now Included with Prime”. But it’s with TV shows where this update really helps. Previously, TV shows did not include a “Watch with Prime” button. The only indication that a show was part of Prime was the tiny corner banner on the episode screenshot and text above the episode number. Now TV shows free with Prime have a dedicated “Watch Now Included with Prime” button alongside the pay buttons.

On-Screen Keyboards Redesigned
updatecompare101016220-inputThis update redesigns the on-screen keyboards and gives specialty input screens, like the PIN input screen, a more useful layout.

Lowercase Settings Titles
updatecompare101016220-settingsThe titles of the various settings has changed from all uppercase letters.

Forced Sleep Option
updatecompare101016220-sleepA “Sleep” option is added in the Settings menu under the System section. Selecting the option causes the Fire TV Stick to immediately enter sleep mode, which it normally enters on its own after 30 minutes of inactivity. The option is actually a bit of a placebo since the only difference between the Fire TV Stick being on and being asleep is no video signal.

Unknown Sources
updatecompare101016220-unknownsourcesThe option to allow app installs from unknown sources is added. This does not affect sideloading apps via ADB. You can sideload apps onto the Fire TV Stick with this new setting set to off or on. This setting allows apps running on the Fire TV Stick to install new apps. For example, many file explorers have the ability to install apps. Previously, you would receive an error message when trying to install apps from a file explorer. Now, with this new setting set to “ON”, you will not receive an error and can install apps using other apps.

Netflix Stability
updatecompare101016220-netflixSeveral readers have reported that the update has resolved Netflix issues they had with the previous Fire TV Stick software version.

If you notice any changes that I’ve missed, please be sure to mention them in the comments below.

  1. Gopichand Pai says:

    I think they added soft restart feature too.

    On the remote, press and hold the Select button and the Play button at the same time until Amazon Fire TV Restarts (about five seconds).

  2. Selden Deemer says:

    I’m waiting for an update that will properly support HDMI-CEC, so that the Fire TV Stick remote can turn on a TV and automatically select the appropriate HDMI port. This feature *is* in the hardware, but is not properly supported. To use it, from the Home menu, go to Settings > System > Sleep. To turn on TV and stick, press the Home button on the remote. If you do not manually put the stick to sleep, the remote will not turn on the TV.

    Speaking of the sleep setting, why on earth is it buried under the system settings menu, which requires 16 clicks of the remote? Sleep should be accessible on the Home menu, possibly above Search. Better yet, support press and hold one of the buttons on the remote to put it to sleep.

    Early releases of software are always iffy.

  3. Jason says:

    How large is the update file?

  4. Berto says:

    So, how do you block an update?

  5. Tim says:

    Just to confirm you can still sideload with this new update? I got an error last night, but maybe i just made a mistake.

  6. Craig says:

    Dpes anyone know how to block the banner ads?

  7. Jordan says:

    Does anyone know if, when using netflix with the Fire TV stick, does it automatically play the next episode without you having to do anything? I’ve talked to Amazon support and Netflix support and neither of them are sure. I also found online where Prime TV will do this but I can’t seem to find an answer on whether it does the same for Netflix.

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  9. Joe Dalton says:

    Why doesn’t my fire stick have developer options in the settings

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