Overview of Fire TV Software Update & Fire TV Stick Software Update

Here is an overview of all the changes the latest software update for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have to offer. The Fire TV has updated to version, while the Fire TV Stick has updated to version In addition to available features and changes, this software update contains remnants of several unreleased features that will be arriving on Fire TV devices in the near future.

Amazon Fling
amazon-fling-exampleThis update inclides support for Amazon Fling. Fling is like Apple’s AirPlay and Google’s Cast in that it allows you to send audio, images, and video to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick from smartphone and tablet apps that support the feature.

Mark Apps and Games as Favorites
update51.1.6.0-appfavoritesYou can now mark apps or games as favorites. Marking an app or a game as a favorite will make it always appear at the front of the “Your Games Library” and “Your Apps Library” lists. Previously, apps and games were only ordered by most recently purchased or played. This new favorites feature allows you to keep an app or game at the front of the list even if you haven’t launched it in a while.

Network Status Check
update51.1.6.0-networktestWithin the System > Network area of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick settings, there is now an option to check the status of a network connection. When highlighting the network you are connected to, you can press the PLAY button on your remote to initiate the network check. A popup will appear that displays information about the network, the signal strength, and whether there is access to the internet. The network test will also suggest recommendations if there is an issue with your network.

Internal & External Storage Usage in App Manager
update51.1.6.0-storagepreviewWhile viewing the “Manage Installed Applications” list in settings, the currently used and available storage values are now displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Photos Provide More Information
update51.1.6.0-photomoreWhile viewing photos, there is now a new “More” button. When selected, a popup is displayed with more information about the photo. The file name of the photo, the date it was taken, the date it was uploaded, and the photo’s dimensions are provided. Additionally, the album in which the photo resides is listed. You can press the UP directional button on the remote to select the album name and pressing the SELECT button will take you to that photo album.

GameCircle Leaderboard Changes
update51.1.6.0-gamecircleGameCircle leaderboards have been given a slight refresh. The player’s XP level is now displayed in the upper left corner of their avatar. Additionally, when selecting a player to see a heads up comparison, the number of experience points need to reach the next XP level is displayed above each player’s avatar, along with a progress bar.

Games Section Changes
update51.1.6.0-gamesectionThe Games section has been changed slightly. Your GameCircle name and avatar now sit on top of the first row of games instead of above the first row. This allows the first row to be moved up closer to the top of this screen, which in turn lets you see more of the third row of the games interface.

Unreleased or Unfinished

The following changes and features are, at least in part, included in this update but are currently inaccessible because they are either unfinished or being left dormant by Amazon. I found these changes by looking in the source code of this software update.

fire-tv-shopThe Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will soon have the ability to purchase products from Amazon. It is unclear when this feature will be finished/released. Read more about this upcoming feature here.

Top 10 Free Apps & Games in One Click
update51.1.6.0-top10appsIt appears that the Apps section and the Games section on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will, at some point, prompt users to install the top 10 free apps and top 10 free games in one click. It is unclear if this feature will appear to everyone upon setting up a new Fire TV device, or if it will only appear to those who have not yet purchased apps. Remanence of this feature appear in this updates source code, but it may not become available until a future update.

Filters & Sorting for Search
filter_infoThe source code for this update contains additions that seem to suggest the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick’s search function will soon have the ability to sort and filter results. You will be able to sort results by relevance, best selling, price, user reviews, and release date. You will also be able to apply filters like the ability to select one of Amazon’s departments when searching products or selecting a controller type when searching apps/games. Lastly, it looks like you will be able to save searches.

Update 7/18 @ 5:50pm
sortfilter-indicatorIt turns out the new sorting and filtering options are, in fact, included in this Fire TV and Fire TV Stick update. They are not available for search results, but they can be found when viewing lists within the “Apps” and “Games” sections. For more information about this new feature, see this dedicated overview.

  1. JoeB says:

    A very thorough overview as always. Amazon gives so little info about these updates. Its pathetic. Thanks for being there to fill the void!

  2. lowbee says:

    Haha, I am still on Rbox’s (Oct 30, 2014)
    I see no compelling reasons to upgrade.

    • Axecaster says:

      Same here, for the box.

      • Tony says:

        There’s been quit a few nice new features since Oct 2014 esp feature of such as more bluetooth device support, screen mirroring of win 8.1 devices, usb storage support,and debugging via usb, and 3rd party app search support eg. Hulu videos show up with Amazon prime. Also X-ray feature was added to last update which integrates actors & music info into movie searches.
        Of all the features USB was the most important. So worth updating.

  3. Jordan says:

    Has anyone had an issue with 5ghz wifi connectivity since the update?

  4. cpu says:

    How this works when I want to switch from rooted fw to rbox pre-rooted with dual boot? Will I’ll be able to upgrade fw without loosing root? Cheers.

  5. J says:

    I’m interested in upgrading to rboxs version. Can someone posted a video on that please! I’m on the last bootable version…

  6. Ujn Hunter says:

    Slightly off topic… anyone else not able to “Play” certain videos they own on Amazon? I have a bunch of movies/videos I’ve bought from Amazon Instant Video that give me no option to “Play” them from my Fire TV Stick.

  7. David Flannery says:

    The play/pause press to display Network Status does nothing on my Fire TV with the update. Other features of this update are working. Is this new network thing only supposed to work if it has detected a network problem — which I don’t have AFAIK?

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