Overclocked Amazon Fire TV Kernel Released For Testing

Developer jmandawg, creator of the script that lets you use a USB drive as a replacement for the Fire TV’s internal storage, has released a custom kernel which overclocks the Fire TV CPU from its stock speed of 1700Mhz to 1890Mhz. This custom kernel is still being tested and isn’t ready for wide adoption, especially since there is still no way to boot into recovery mode with a bad kernel. The Fire TV is one of the most powerful media players available for under $100, so some may argue that there’s no benefit to overclocking it. While I agree most users will see no improvements from an overclocked kernel, it’s still great to see people pushing the Fire TV to its limits.

  1. Jonny says:

    what we really need is a kernel that supports 24 Hz (24p) video output. Then we can actually watch movies in their native frame rate, rather than introduce judder through telecine

  2. Ross says:

    Great to see the little box being pushed to see what it can do, I’m waiting with baited breath for the announcement that the latest firmware is rooted so I can finally get the USB port to work for External storage.

  3. jVan says:


    So is there now a “stable” app to overclock the fire tv or tv stick?…the stick needs more GPU memory (30-40 mb cache buffer for kodi kinda sucks).

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