Only bug fixes with latest Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates

Earlier this week, Amazon Fire TVs began receiving software update and Fire TV Sticks began receiving software update Neither update has added new features to either device. Amazon has officially labeled these updates as bug fixes. As usually, there’s no word on which bugs have been fixed. Comparing the current software package to the previous one reveals that the Fire TV’s appstore, Bluetooth component, and input device backend have been modified with this latest update. Additionally, as with most updates, several system framework components have been updated. Be sure to let us know if you’ve noticed any specific resolved issues.

  1. porkie says:

    As I stated earlier, if the update was not Android 4.4+ it would be a fail, and it is a major fail. The Fire TV is one of if not the best Android set top box on the market and to me it is starting to look like a joke in terms of software. The Fire TV is startin to look like last years basic Android box. Step it up Amazon, cause we need a current version of Android if you hope to keep the Fire TV current itself. Amazon, you gave us the power to load apps from third party sources, so do not deminish it by keeping us stuck on Android 4.2.2, while developers are moving away from 4.2.2 in droves. We need Androd 4.4+ to stay current, period. App compatibility issues is plaguing my Fire TV experience and iits is getting real old, real quick. 4.2.2 is on deaths door, time to make the leap to at least 4.4, so that we can use all the current apps and app updates. It would not be so bad if over 20 apps I use regularly did not now require Android 4.4 or higher, so my alternative is to use old versions of the apps or to stop using the apps all together. I should not have to make that choice, cause we should already have Android 4.4 running on the Fire TV. Amazon, I love the Fire TV and I love that you give us frequent updates, but please give us a more current version of Android.

    • Ned Scott says:

      99% of the Fire TV users out there, the ones that Amazon is catering to, don’t care at all if it is running something based on Android 4.4 or not. For Amazon, the Fire TV exists to sell Prime video service and Amazon app store apps. They really don’t care about what people sideload.

      • James says:

        Exactly. All of Amazon’s apps work. They don’t need to change a thing just because you want to sideload apps.

        Sounds like you need a HTPC

  2. santi says:

    Hey Tried Connecting My amazon firetv to a hotel room at the PALMS in Las Vegas i didnt get the pop up screen to fill out the Room # and Last Name. Are u guys having any issues?

  3. chris says:

    Its not becase I want to sideload apps. Its because they need to upgrde to Android 4.4, period. The same apps tht will not work from third party sources will be one less app that Amazon will not have as a default app. Lets say Crckele starts requiring Android 4.4, then thats an app that Amazon loses. They cannot uild a huge collection of apps if developrs are requiring Android 4.4 to simlpy install their apps. So you can be a smartass if you want, but they will have to go to 4.4 sooner or later or the Fire TV will be dead in the water. Think before you speak.

  4. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    As i already said in another post:

    “The Same was happening to the Amazon Fire Phones, that was stuck on the FireOS v3.6.8 based on Jellybean, but fortunatelly last month Amazon has updated it to the NEW FireOS v4.6.1″Bleeding”Based on KitKat…”

    “I really hope that Amazon understand that, as the Fire Phone, the FireTV urgently needs at least the KitKat, to be more compatible with all the newest APPs for Android.”

    So the problem is not that the KitKat is required or not, to Install Official or Sideloaded APPs, is that the FireTV urgently needs to be updated to evolve and improve, to stay up to date as all others “Android Boxes” for TVs..

    Does Anyone here Have Noticed that all the thousands Android TV Boxes manufactured in china, already come with at least the KiTKat and some of them with the newest lolipop?

    So don’t worry because I really think that the normal evolution of the Android system, will force the FireTV to be updated to at least the KitKat…

    • chris says:

      They will soon have to upgrade to 4.4+, cause apps are requiring it at the fastes rate I have ever seen. I have never seen so many apps require such a new version of Android this fast. they usually require 3 versions ack, but it usually takes a lot longer before apps start requiring newer versions of android. Even a lot of the mainstream apps are requiring 4.4 to install the app, which almost never happens with mainstream apps. Android 4.2.2 is on its last leg. I give it no longer than two months and the Fire TV will e runnung 4.4 or a newer version of Android.

      • Ulises Rodriguez says:

        Thank you chris for your considerations and very successful opinions with regard to the imminent and urgently needed update of the FireTV to KitKat!

        It is exactly the same thing I wanted to say earlier…

        Only hope Amazon will realize that if they want to keep the FireTV as the excellent TV BoX, that it is, they will decide to update at least to KitKat soon, and after being possible to lolipop, because I believe that in the next weeks Google will be announcing another new Android “M”.

  5. shwru980r says:

    Amazon didn’t restore the ALT+TAB functionality with this release. Epic fail!

  6. Zeke says:

    Can you folks saying that loads and loads of apps now require Android 4.4+ please make a list, because from where I’m sitting everything I have side loaded and kept works perfectly, continues to do so, and anything that didn’t work was because of other dependencies not being met, i.e. a fully functioning version of Google Play Store being available.

    I think the real thing they need to work on is modernising that UI. It’s orange and gray and DRAB. Lazy design that’s just a stacked version of the carousel thing they’ve used on everything else running their versions of Android. Luckily I barely have to see it because I have FiredTVLauncher, FireTVHelper and can jump to the apps I want via the Favourites bar in SPMC… :-D

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