Omate Rise 3G smartwatch comes with Amazon Alexa


The Omate Rise is a $200 Android powered smartwatched that launched on Indiegogo at the end of last year. It was a big hit, reaching its funding goal in just 15 minutes, and has since surpassed that goal by 700%. Now the watch is back on Indiegogo with a new limited edition run of another 1,000 units, but this time, it now has Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, built in.

A key differentiator of the Omate Rise is that it’s a fully standalone watch that does not rely on a phone to function. It runs a full version of Android, instead of Android Wear, the trimmed down OS for smartwatches, and has a built in standalone 3G radio. It features a 1.3-inch round LCD, a dual 1.2GHz MediaTek MT2601 chipset, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a 580mAh battery. While it’s not the first smartwatch to feature Alexa, that title is held by the CoWatch, Omate’s CEO says it will be the first one that will actually be certified by Amazon.

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  1. Angel Reyes says:

    Ugh… You just made me buy a watch!

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