Older Android TV devices are gaining a new Account Profile Switcher

Most of the focus these days is on the newer Google TV interface, but older devices still running the Android TV interface seem to be getting a new account profile switcher on the Home screen. Reddit users are reporting that some Android TV devices with the “Discover” interface can now switch user accounts through a new profile icon that has appeared in the upper right corner of the home screen, as spotted by 9to5Google. This profile switcher isn’t as robust as the one found on Google TV devices, which can change recommendations and watchlists for each user. Instead, this is meant as an easy way to switch between Google accounts. This is likely being added to make switching accounts within Google apps, like YouTube, possible since those apps no longer rely on in-app account switchers and need to use an OS-level switcher.

  1. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Wish you could switch accounts on fire sticks without having to rest it

  2. Math says:

    Why when you create a second profile on fire tv, not all downloaded apps appear right away? I gave up on this functionality as soon as I realized I’d have to open each app on Appstore. That makes no sense.

    • Tom says:

      You don’t have to open them on the appstore at all. Why don’t you check your app library, you can rearrange and open them from there. Not sure why you’ve been going to the appstore to open them. Seems to me like you don’t know how to navigate the firestick.

      • Math says:

        I guess you didn’t understand me. When I created a second profile, not all apps from the main profile appeared. The only way for them to do so was going to the Appstore and opening each one like I was downloading them for the first time. Got it now?

        • Tom says:

          Why would they appear? It’s a different profile. It doesn’t mean they will download for a second time, just because it looks like that to you, the app is already on the device. It just means it’s enabling it for that profile, don’t blame me, blame amazon.

          Anyway, after you’ve been to the appstore, you can just goto your app library and it will be there. So no need to keep going back to the appstore, get it?

  3. Robert Murray says:

    What’s there hype about roku player it’s no different then the roku on a roku tv.

  4. Sharone says:

    You should not be upset about this its just the way it should be dill with because you have no choice

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