Nyko debuts new controller with identical button layout to Fire TV Game Controller at half the price


The Nyko Cygnus is a brand new Android bluetooth game controller for Fire TV owners to consider as an alternative to the official Fire TV Game Controller. This controller should work perfectly with Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks since it uses the standard Android HID protocol, which all Fire TV models support. It features a button layout identical to the official Fire TV Game Controller made by Amazon, down to the same exact ordering of the X/Y/A/B buttons. It’s powered by a pair of AA batteries or if you want to forgo batteries all together, you can power it off of the Fire TV’s USB port by plugging in a micro-USB cable. The Nyko Cygnus game controller is available starting today from Amazon for $24.99. I’ve put in my order for one and will post up a review soon.

  1. nozebleed says:

    Looks nice. I’ll wait for the hands-on before making a decision, Ive been waiting for a good second option to the (overpriced imo) official controller

  2. Josh says:

    Will it work with the 2nd gen fire TV?

  3. T33Hud says:

    Looking forward to the review

  4. Peter s says:

    Its good to have options. Thanks

  5. Y314K says:

    I bought 4 of the first gen Nyko Android BT controllers last year. They where on clearance @ GameStop for about $12. They worked fine for the most part. Although it would not work correctly on a few games like Farming Simulator 2014.

    But the biggest problem I found is that the thumb-sticks (specially the right thumb-stick) wear out pretty quickly. Once it goes bad. The remotes right thumb-stick seems to be stuck on one direction. I hope they address this problem on this remote.

    I’ve been debating weather to just buy an official Amazon FireTV game remote or if to try a different one. Might give this one a try before going with the official remote. Wonder if the official remotes thumb-sticks last longer.

  6. Goodhur says:

    Doesn’t look like this one has a mouse mode like the playpad pro. I hope they make a version that does.

  7. airj23 says:

    I have one.. pairs easy with fire tv 2. Over all it reacts very quickly to your touch. Just feel light, like it wouldn’t last very long.

  8. airj23 says:

    Wont pair with Fire stick.

  9. airj23 says:

    maybe a link to android settings apk?

  10. Neogeo71 says:

    I bought the official Amazon one (2nd Gen). It is very well made, glossy plastic though which I hate. I loved the flat texture plastic of the original Amazon one. I mostly wanted it for the headphone jack which works very well.

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