NVIDIA will reportedly reveal their new Shield TV in January at CES 2017

Ever since discovering FCC documents for a new NVIDIA Shield TV earlier this year, it has been evident that a next generation device was in the works. Now a source tells SlashGear that the new device will be announced during NVIDIA’s keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 4th at 6:30pm PT. From the FCC documents, we already know the new game controller and new remote control will make the switch from WiFi direct connectivity to Bluetooth, and SlashGear’s source has confirmed that change. NVIDIA will also reportedly announce new 4K streaming partners, including Google Play Movies.

  1. D says:

    Finally… Maybe the old bundle will come down in price from the $160-200 range, assuming Amazon doesn’t ban it before then for being rootable and daring to include Google services and software that Amazon hasn’t yet “monetized.”

    It seems that nothing in the multimedia and console ARM world has beaten this computer yet – was there a need for a faster / better one?

    Regardless, it will be nice to have the first generation become more accessible, even if Nvidia is going to cut support that much sooner.

    • Joe says:

      I read somewhere that the new Shield may be a cut-down version of the current Shield and priced to compete with Apple TV, Roku & Fire TV, but we’ll soon find out on Jan 4th :)

  2. Kable says:

    Great! Could use another.

  3. Matthew says:

    Switching from Wifi-direct to BT? Didn’t Amazon just do the opposite of that between gen 1 and gen 2 of the FireTV? Interesting.

  4. tech3475 says:

    I’m curious as my old shield pro broke and I was unable to replace it, although my ambivalence made this not too disappointing for me.

    The shield was interesting but I found it to be too expensive and too flawed to make me fully comfortable with it.

    I hope at a minimum they retain the HDD slot but make it user upgradable, fix the bug issues I had with the controller and not make it too overpriced like the RRP of the old one.

    • clocks says:

      I agree the Shield is nice, but once I got my $69 Mi Box, I sold for Shield for a profit. Unless you do gaming, it probably isn’t worth the money.

      • derrick says:

        I think there’s gaming but from what i’ve seen, and i don’t have one, is it has a more powerful processor and thus it can play back very high quality files like 4k at 60 fps. I saw on the youtube channel lon.tv his reviews of other devices like mibox he tried to play back blu ray rips he has on his NAS, 4k videos, videos with high fps and with many devices like mibox, firetv stick, and others you get stuttering. With shield it seems they played smoothly without jitters or stutters. I think he was using Kodi to do the playback. So in those cases i think it’s the power of the shield that’s doing the trick. I’m keeping my eye out for a chinese box with specs that get it in the Shield range of processing and ram. Now i just bought a fire stick to play with so I’m not exactly looking hard or actively looking to buy but It’s something i’m keeping an eye on. P

        • clocks says:

          Yeah, everybody always references Lons video in forums, but that was just one brief test. Who has movies in 4k 60 frames? No one. I have a 4k tv, and don’t even bother with 4k, as I can’t tell any difference between it or 1080p.

          Anyway, in my usage, the Mi Box did everything I did on my Shield, but for a fraction of the cost. And it actually came with a remote.

          • Adam says:

            My problem with the Shield was that the Netflix app didn’t support Dolby Digital like the Fire TV does, only DD+, which is no good for me since my otherwise excellent Vizio 5.1 soundbar lacks HDMI, and DD+ doesn’t pass over optical.

            The MI Box has an optical out, but does the Netflix app support Dolby Digital like the Fire TV, or only DD+ like the Shield?

          • derrick says:

            hey you’re preaching to the choir. I don’t have a 4k tv and I’m not in the market to buy one. Actually i first found Lon’s youtube page coincidentally researching the mibox. I had a slow network though and needed a usb port. But as luck would have it i got a new AC router free of charge and then got a firestick cheap on black friday and just thought it was a cheap way to try an android tv based box. dealing with network shares is a pain in the ass but i’m pretty satisfied with the streaming performance and the performance streaming Kodi over wifi. Like you and the MiBox solutions other than a shield will probably satisfy me.

      • Andre says:

        Your Mi Box doesn’t struggle with 1080p Streams? I had an insane amount of buffering, while the same links worked fine on my first generation fire tv so I ended up returning it. Have there been any updates since launch?

  5. Heinrich says:

    I hope they also make the new Model also availlable in europe from the beginning.. And reduce the cost to something like 100$€, when the PS4 and the XboxOne already had (promotional) price of 196€.. I would buy the MiBox it has everything i need from a Box (3,5 Audio, full USB) but who knows in what century that would be availlable in europe.

  6. Tchad says:

    Unless Nvidia can get Comcast to play nice I will switch to a roku. We have live TV in the living room and significantly hindered streaming options in the game room.

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