NVIDIA Shield TV will be on sale for $139 during Prime Day

UPDATE: Deal is now live! Get it HERE!

NVIDIA has informed me that they’ll be taking part in Amazon’s Prime Day sale by discounting their Android TV boxes. The NVIDIA Shield TV will be on sale for $139 on Amazon during Prime Day. That is $40 off the regular price and will be the new lowest price that it has ever been. The previous lowest it has ever been on Amazon is $149, but it was briefly available for $143 at B&H just before Christmas of last year. The $139 price will be for the bundle that comes with only a remote control and not the game controller. The NVIDIA Shield TV with Remote & Game Controller will also be going on sale. Starting this Sunday, July 15th, and lasting all of next week, it will be $179.99, which is $20 off the regular price. The game controller bundle has been as low as $169.99 in the past. Amazon has not yet revealed whether the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick will be on sale during Prime Day.


7/15/18 The $179.99 Shield TV w/ Remote & Game Controller sale is now live. I’ll update again once the $139 remote-only price is live.
7/16/18 NVIDIA has told me the $139 price for the Shield TV w/ Remote Only will be a Lightning Deal that starts “around noon (PDT)” on July 17th.
7/17/2018 @ 11:57am The Shield TV is now on sale for $139.

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  1. Thom says:

    I wonder if Best Buy will match this?

  2. clocks says:

    A bit of a dilemma. I just returned 1 of 2 FTV cubes. Tempted to scrap FTV entirely for now, and go Shield only.

    • Bob Stitzenberger says:

      the shield is 8th as powerful as the fire cube.

      • Bob Stitzenberger says:

        the shield is 8 times as powerful as the cube. The price is amazing.

        • clocks says:

          Yes, I know the Shield is much more powerful. Although, it doesnt always translate 1 to 1. I’m not sure if your claim of it being 8x fast is true, but apps don’t open 8x faster, it doesn’t boot 8x faster, videos don’t start playing 8x faster, etc…

          My disappointment with the cube mostly steams from Alexa (I dont want/need it) and it still being lower powered than the almost 3yr old FTV2. I debated returning my 2nd cube, but then I remembered that even if I want a FTV3, I can get the pendant for like half the price.

          • Jon says:

            As a Shield owner I can say without any doubt I am glad I purchased it, but that does not mean that the Shield is perfect or that all the extra power is noticeable in every day usage. If you play games (either Android or PC with a Nvidia GPU) then the shield then there is no question that you should purchase the Shield. For most people though the deciding factor between a Shield and a FTV will be price, interface/eco system, and the remotes. I enjoy a bigger remote, so I am not a huge fan of the FTV remote, but it is a great remote in comparison to the Shield.

            I have Prime, but I am not fond of the FTV interface at all. I can not speak about the new Shield interface, because I have not upgraded yet and I am not sure I ever will, so it is hard for me to give a great comparison here. From what I have seen of the new Shield interface I would still pick it over a FTV, but it has gotten more FTV like and I am not so sure it is worth the extra if all you do is watch videos.

            If you are more in the Google eco system than Amazon, the Shield is a no brainier. Especially if you use Kodi or the Google Home. Kodi 18 and Google Assistant are amazing, I simply can not wait for future and better Kodi/Assistant development. It is very nice to be able to say “Hey Google” play this movie or play that TV Show and Kodi will pull it up. If you could say play next, then I would probably rarely touch my remote. This kind of Kodi integration will likely never come to the FTV, but that does mean if you want it you should really get the version of the Shield with the game controller.

          • clocks says:

            The FTV has the best remote of any of the streaming devices, esp if you use any of the Kodi varients.

          • Rob says:

            I went from a 1st gen FireTv to the Cube and I felt like the Cube was more sluggish (UI, launching apps, etc) than my 1st gen. I know the Cube is higher resolution but it was a worse overall experience for me. I was getting gaps in the audio across all playback apps (streaming services as well as files off my local network), although I was told that there is a software patch coming and not all devices experience the issue.

            I picked up a Shield and it is night and day how responsive and smooth it feels. Video playback is silky smooth, the UI feels really responsive, and the CEC turns my tv on and off (something my Cube struggled to get configured). I was really excited for the Cube but it missed the mark for me. I’m happy I made the choice to switch.

          • clocks says:

            As someone who has had issues with Rokus due to slowness, I am surprised I am not seeing the differences between FTV2 and Cube, or between FTV and Shield. In day to day use, navigating the GUI, etc. I do not see much difference at all.

            One area I do see a big difference between FTV and Shield is in MRMC, when I clear library or scan for new movies. It can be very slow on the FTVs, but on Shield it is noticeably faster. But outside of that, I don’t notice much difference in speed.

        • John c says:

          I really like my fire TV second generation it is much better than the cube but just seems like too tempting to pass up I think at 139 it is worth the money

    • Stephanie says:

      Shield is the best on the market.

      • Rob says:

        I tested the 2015 Amazon Fire Tv Stick vs The Nvidia Shield Pro, Yes the shield was slightly better overall, but just slightly, not enough to justify the difference in price, I got a used Fire Tv for $50 in great condition. unless side by side, no one could tell the differences in them, because they are that slight.

    • Daddy says:

      It’s garbage now after their re-release of the flawed Oreo kernel update. Slow, buggy, and frustrating. I have had two for a few years … the same little box & remote. DO NOT BUY UNTIL THEY FIX IT! PLEX is garbage on it now too, though it could be NVIDIA’s fault.

      • Daddy says:

        Don’t fall for the NVIDIA fake shills pumping up their flawed product because previous owners are leaving it for other options.

        Seriously, they even hid the RESTART and POWER OFF under their ABOUT menu. What competent developer does that?

        The SLEEP now is readily available, so it was definitely deliberate concealment. I only found it by happenstance trying to reboot it after it kept freezing. Their quality control is nonexistent now.

        They are also changing their game subscriptions from a flat $7.99 / month to metered usage. They must be tanking badly and need cash flow desperately.

      • clocks says:

        I don’t have any issues with my Shield or Plex, even after the latest OS update. In fact, I think I am getting more quirks from my FTVs lately than I do with my Shield.

        • Joe Shmoe says:

          Shield/Plex/Android8 works fine for me too.

        • Daddy says:

          FTV …. hmmm. Maybe I should get that instead … ’cause OREO NVIDIA SHIELD TV is trash. Didn’t you know about why they were forced to do a re-release of the OREO update? I have two NVIDIA Shield TVs, use PLEX, and have maybe 600 movies and thousands of songs on my external hard drives. I am invested in it, believe me. However, the mistakes they keep making on their upgrades are no longer worth the continued headaches. Their support is totally nonresponsive to feedback. Who knows what happens when you press their submit button. Maybe it just goes straight to trash. Idk. Pathetic.

    • Pastramowitz says:

      Sheild is the best purchase. Bought it when it was first released and just got upgraded to 7.0 experience. SO amazing after years tearing through everything and doing an amazing job at it. No comparison to fire anything. I have sticks fire tv and the cube. The shield is what I use daily.

  3. Robert Simandl says:

    Wonder if Walmart will match (have a coupon to knock even more off)?

  4. Charlie says:

    Be sure you will be happy with Oreo on the Shield, not everybody is. Chance of a lifetime to save on the player that has been out of my reach. “Unfortunately” I bought a Channel Master Stream+ for its DVR function and because it’s Android TV. The Android side is missing some keys apps, but what would I do with a Shield and a Stream+? I guess I’ll let the Shield deal come and go.

    Timing is everything.

    • JPulch says:

      The live channels app on Android TV should work with your setup, and if not Kodi can always be used with it on Android TV. Just tossing that out there.

      • Charlie says:

        Yep. That’s how it works. The Live Channels app works very well with the Stream+. The device itself needs updates, although it did launch with 7.0. How long did the Mi Box take to get off 6.0? The security patch is from March and there is no Netflix or Amazon Prime app. I did side load the apk for Amazon Video and it works mostly the way it should, but videos can stutter occasionally during playback, so I don’t use it. I kept mine, sole because of the DVR function. It’s cool to be able to pause live TV. Pause the news, walk away, and come back later and skip ads. I much prefer the Live Channels program guide over HDHomerun’s guide. I’m not going to record a huge library of OTA content, so the 128GB microSD card I installed will take of my recordings. If I ever need to expand DVR storage there is a USB 3.0 port. I find the Stream+ DVR function to be ideal for my light DVR use.

    • Daddy says:

      Don’t fall for the NVIDIA fake shills pumping up their flawed product. SLOW, BUGGY, AND IT FREEZES randomly. They actually did at least one re-release of their OREO upgrade because it’s garbage. My controller became useless and cannot be re-paired to the Shield.

      Seriously, they even hid the RESTART and POWER OFF under their ABOUT menu. What competent developer does that?

      The SLEEP NOW is readily available, so it was definitely deliberate concealment. I only found it by happenstance trying to reboot it after it kept freezing. Their quality control is nonexistent now.

      They are also changing their game subscriptions from a flat $7.99 / month to metered usage. They must be tanking badly and need cash flow desperately.

  5. Square peg says:

    The 3rd gen fire TV is a bit disappointing having dropped wifi periodically and apps crashing.

  6. Ray says:

    When they discontinued the 2nd Gen TV for the Pendent & Cube, I was disappointed and moving away from Fire TV myself. $139 is a good deal..

  7. wwwizzarrdry says:

    Shield is the only one of the two with a Plex Server built in.

    Shield has Chromecast Built-In.

    Shield pairs with your Nvidia GPU/Steam library for remote gaming.

    Shield has Plex, Kodi, Slingbox, Google Music, Pandora, YouTube, and the “Hulu + Amazon Prime + Netflix” trifecta.

  8. Edward Riddick says:

    So for less than $200. you can play games at higher settings and framerates than the Xbox One X. At least for the rest of this year until Nvidia starts charging out the rear for GeForce Now.

  9. sosh says:

    The Shield is amazing, but still slightly crippled because it uses Android TV, instead of just Android with a TV-friendly face. It’s game-friendly, at least for casual gaming, but a decent selection of Android games don’t actually work on it because of their choice to use Android TV. This basic contradiction is what prevents me from considering it the -=perfect device=- for my TV… This kind of ‘fragmentation for no good or technical reason’ is the bane of the Android ecosystem…

    • Rob Davis says:

      I rather like Android TV and am glad it’s not just “Android with a TV-friendly face”. This way I know that the app or game I’m installing has been optimized to use with a TV and remote. Also, if an app or game doesn’t work on Android TV, I’m pretty sure that is on the developer to optimize for Android TV and not the fault of Android TV itself.

      • Robert Adams says:


      • sosh says:

        Android is an operating system, and Android devices are computers with various input and output devices, some happen to have radios that can link to cell towers along with software that puts old-school fone-like buttons all over the screen ;) Calling pocket-supercomputers, “fones” is as annoying as saying, “ATM Machine”. Everyone does it, and it’s still wrong, every. single. time.

        Anyway, these computers can use touch-screens, or remotes and controllers, along with a variety of other devices. Those options can change but the software should be written for the OS, the single OS ideally.

        Fragmentation (which leads to a wide variety of serious problems, including security) is widely held as one of the biggest issues with Android, and probably a prime reason why iOS remains highly competitive (at least among technophiles who aren’t using Apple products just for aesthetics and trend ;)

        Some fragmentation is understandable–people still use older/cheaper fones that have older versions of Android, but this kind of fragmentation, NVIDIA choosing to use Android TV, is -=by choice=-, and is a stupid choice at that.

        NVIDIA tries to pass off the Shield (at least, they used too) as a “micro-console”, yet this micro-console can’t play a rather serious number of Android games–not because it lacks the horsepower, not because said games doesn’t -already- come with controller support, lol, and so on, but only because Android TV is everything that Android is, MINUS enough stuff to make many apps not work…

        Worst case, I load a game or app, it has no controller support, say, and I’m unable to work it, and I lose. Big deal. Most games will work just fine, though, but either way, let -me- make the choice–I’m not a fan of NVIDIA choosing, on my behalf, to make a wide swath of Android software DOA because they chose not to include some software that lots of games and apps depend on…

        Dude, I’ve been down that road, the road of begging developers to support ‘other’/smaller platforms. Trust me, you don’t want to go down that road ;) Asking devs to support a plethora of multiple platforms often causes them to have to make compromises and difficult choices, besides…

        My Samsung fone has its own GUI too, in place of stock-Android, and it’s -=just fine=- in terms of stuff working. Btw, when I said, “tv friendly face”, I didn’t mean something half-assed. In fact, that face could look identical to the look that Android TV has ;) Android TV, aka, “Android Lite”, has no intrinsic advantages…

        • Rob Davis says:

          Maybe I’m over simplifying things, but I always thought the underlying Android OS for phone/tablets and Android TV were the same….a singlen OS. The UI for one is optimzed for touh andnthebother for use with a remote. After all, I have no problem installing apks (NBC Sports Channel, Live Phish) that are clearly meant to be used with a phone or tablet. The apps work however navigation is awful, but a controller sometimes helps as it can work as a mouse. In any case, the value of Android TV, and separate store, to me is that it’s optimized to use with a remote. I suppose Nvidia could have chosen to go with vanilla Android, but then there would be people complaing about installing apps and games that don’t work. I guess you can’t please everyone.

          • sosh says:

            Yes, that’s true, but Android TV has “less” than stock Android, so some games don’t work until they are specially modified, independent of the UI issues that raise from having, or not having, a touch-screen. A great example is that Minecraft wouldn’t work for the longest time on the Shield. The most popular gave ever, that works on anything, even some Nintendo devices, lol, but it wouldn’t work on the Shield micro-=console=- for precisely this reason…

            I’m all for having a store make things easy, but I’m not for less software included which many apps and games are dependent on for functioning properly…

            Use stock Android with a TV-face layer (many cell makers use their own gui on top of Android, so this is not a problem), show the games and apps that work best with the TV interface, give a disclaimer, and allow the “advanced” options of running games and apps that might have issues or quirks, like requiring a controller. Problem solved, lol, everyone is happy, everyone wins, from the devs, to the consumers.

            The releasing of something that is Android ‘Light’ is the bit that buggers me… I’ve seen this many times in my IT career, going way back to the PC Junior when I was just a kid, a PC that had many advantages like better graphics and sound, but which was only 95% compatible with PC software–it was a flop ;) Then as now, there was no technical reason for this, as the Tandy 1000 proved–it was almost totally compatible with PC software, yet still had the improved graphics and sound…

            In other words, making the UI “tv friendly” doesn’t technically require random and silly incompatibilities… We really can have cake and eat it ;)

    • Daddy says:

      Sosh … I think you nailed why NVIDIA continues to have problems with their upgrade releases. Would someone akso explain to me why they decided to hide RESTART and POWER OFF under the ABOUT menu, and not on the main menu with the SLEEP NOW? It’s completely nonsensical.

      • Daddy says:

        I am hearing the mucked up the Network background protocols too. Why did they rush the release, then re-release with a new set of bugs?

      • sosh says:

        Yeah ;) I found out the hard way Pandora of all things kept crashing. I went to try and reboot it, and wtf? I actually googled how to reset it…

  10. Mark L says:

    I just want to know why in the Sam Hell is the DirecTV Now app not easily installable for the shield? Every time it updates, i have to go through the whole side-loading process. GAH!

  11. DM725 says:

    I’ve had mine for 2 years, still the best product on the market. What other products in tech can say that? No brainier at this price.

  12. Masterblaster says:

    Shield’s new interface is a huge step back but the hardware is the best. Live Channels w/ free dvr is great. I use it daily for the last two years and haven’t regretted it.

  13. Jae Stein says:

    Google Express had the base model 25% off all last week …. “Expired”
    $134.25 Free Shipping.

    NVIDIA SHIELD TV via Google Express and Fry’s.

  14. dabig25 says:

    Not seeing the model with remote only for $139

  15. Brandon says:

    Amazon is not honoring the 139.99 price.

  16. Robert Simandl says:

    Still $179 on both Amazon and nvidia.com as of 2:50 cdt.

  17. Bud says:

    Dont see that price anywhere on Amazons page, are we sure this was an accurate story?

  18. Kate says:

    This article does not have proper information. I have been checking and the shield is still at the same price, no Prime Day Discounts. I’m a bit perturbed as I had shared this article with many others and now its biting me where I don’t like it.

  19. John says:

    I contacted amazon since the price hasn’t changed and they said it will at some point but can’t say when and to keep refreshing the page.. Really annoying. Not sure if this BS is worth the $40…

    • John crane says:

      Exactly,all these eggheads have been making this a big story since Saturday all over the web,now were told prime day isn’t really until the 17th,although it has said 16th on Amazon website for several weeks

      • JFC says:

        Being a Prime Day deal doesn’t automatically mean a particular deal will be on offer for the entire duration of the Prime Day sale.

        Lots of deals come and go as Lightning Deals for limited periods of time, and/or disappear once the available stock has been all purchased.

        Cool your jets, note Elias’ update, and look for the Shield sale to beccome available around noon Tuesday PST.

  20. Matt says:

    Why can I not find and watch this lightning deal?

  21. Mike S says:

    It’s live! 11:45am 7/17. Only a 15min lightening deal.

  22. Noah says:

    Deal is live!

  23. Tina Parganos says:

    Its on now

  24. AFTVnews says:

    As others have said, the Shield TV deal for $139 is now live. Go get it before it sells out! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075RXV2VR/?tag=primeday18-20

  25. Ray says:

    I snagged one at 11:45PST. Thankfully. I’m gratified now ;-)

  26. Ray says:

    I’m glad I was on at the right time, not sure how many there were but it seemed to last less just a few minutes.

    • AFTVnews says:

      It looks like there was an initial 15 minute lightning deal, but now there is a full-fledged 6 hour lightning deal going. It’ll probably sell out before the time is up. It’s already 12% claimed at ~30 minutes in.

  27. Rob Davis says:

    12% claimed. Ends in 5:25

  28. Frank Theisen says:

    Get NVidia Shield with remote AND Game Controller for $154.99 from eBay (Best Buy)..
    use promo code: PRIMO119 for $25 off the $179 price.
    That’s only $16 over the $139 deal without the Game Controller….

    • clocks says:

      I want to get the ebay deal, but I can’t and it pisses me off. Many years ago, my Newegg account got hacked and someone orders MS Office. So I called Newegg, and got refunding, but they basically blacklisted my email, so I can order anything from them. I was able to create a second/new acct to order from their website, but for some reason both emails in ebay get my orders cancelled with Newegg. Probably because they are both linked to my Paypal account.

      • dabig25 says:

        Why can’t you get the ebay deal??

        • clocks says:

          I think it because since Newegg blacklisted my email, and since that same email is linked to my Paypal account. So any time I have tried to buy from Newegg via Ebay, they cancel the transaction. It pisses me off. At some point maybe I will try to write them. After all, my Newegg account getting hacked my have been from bad security on their end, rather than anything I had done.

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