Nvidia Shield TV & Shield TV Pro are currently on sale at their lowest prices ever

Nvidia has put both of their streaming media player models on sale. The regular Shield TV is on sale for $129.99, which is down from its regular price of $149.99. That matches the lowest price that it has ever been, which we last saw during Black Friday last month. The Shield TV Pro is on sale for $179.99, which is down from its regular price of $199.99. While it’s not much of a discount, it is the first time that the Pro has ever been this low. These are both the latest models, which were released just over a year ago. The main differences between the regular Shield TV and the Pro are the extra RAM, 2GB vs 3GB, and the extra storage, 8GB vs 16GB, that you get with the Pro. The Pro also runs a 64-bit OS, which lets you run apps that the regular Shield TV cannot run, like a Plex Server. The Pro also has 2 full-sized USB ports, while the regular Shield TV has a micro SD card slot.

  1. Jon says:

    I still think it is kinda crummy it no longer comes with the gaming controller. I dont mind so much that it dosnt come with a gaming controller, just that the always listening Google Assistant only works with the game controller, and it works for the Shield far better than any other option. A Google Home can not control every app the way the gaming controller can.

  2. Adam says:

    After almost five years, I moved on from my beloved rooted FireTV 2 box to the 2019 Shield tube, and then on to the Pro. I still come here because Elias rocks. <3

    Its been a very satisfactory move so far. The new controller is awesome, and the interface is much more enjoyable to use, lacking the ever-present Amazon promotion that assaults you on the FireTV (my perception). Instead you get a clean, quiet and service agnostic choice of apps on the home screen. Of course, that can always change in the future. The Shield's AI upscaling has worked flawlessly for me, even at High. Further, the Shield both enables you to set a default framerate for your TV and allows you to dynamically match the framerate of a specific file that is playing at the time. I also like that the Shield retains integrated Ethernet capability (which I use) even though, really, there realistically isn't going to be any performance difference between that and a FireTV with an Ethernet adapter. I’m also reassured that the very earliest Shield released in 2015 is still getting updated as recently as the last update last month.

    Why I’m making this post however is to relay my experience and the theories of others as to the performance of the Tube vs. the Pro with high bitrate 4k rips. The tube, in my experience, is an ideal device for streaming services for all the reasons articulated above. However I had some bad experiences with it trying to stream some high bitrate files on my local network over Kodi. I didn’t have these problems with the Pro version of the device. My experience isn’t unique, and some have speculated that this particular difference might come down to the increased RAM, or the 32 bit vs 64 bit OS difference between the devices.

    If I were looking for the most powerful, fully featured, consumer-centered streaming device for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube etc, I would leap at the Nvidia Shield tube. If I was looking for the most powerful device to stream and reliable play local content from the widest variety of sources, I would buy the Shield Pro.

  3. John c says:

    I love my shield tv and shield 2017,My only disappointment is that the AI Upscaling on the shield TV doesn’t support 60 FPS only the shield pro,Hopefully someday they will upgrade the shield TV if it is possible.

  4. Adam says:

    Is it sports, or video gaming that you want 60 FPS for?

    I believe most the other content out there is 23.976 FPS. Not all of it, some of the BBC stuff on Netflix is 25 FPS, for instance. That’s where the Shield’s ability to change framerate on the fly come in handy. But mostly I just set my tv for 23.976, since that’s where like 90% of my content is and just change it for the few other items as they come. But I don’t think any of my content has been 60 FPS.

    Pretty sure the Fire has had automatic dynamic framerrate adjustment for a while, but I’m not as familiar with it.

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