NVIDIA Shield TV receives Amazon Music app and more in latest v7.2 software updated

NVIDIA has rolled out software update 7.2 for their Shield TV this week. This updated adds the new Amazon Music app that popped up in the Google Play Store earlier this month. The update also adds customizable quick settings, support for 5.1 surround sound on YouTube, and more.

It appears as though the Shield TV is the only Android TV device that is getting support for Amazon Music. This was to be expected since the Shield TV is also the only device that supports Prime Video, due to a direct agreement between NVIDIA and Amazon.

This new software update for the Shield TV brings support for Google Assistant to customers in Canada, Germany, and Spain. There are also improvements to how USD and network drives are handled, as well as how volume and power controls are executed, both through the remote and through Alexa devices.

In conjunction with this software update, NVIDIA has put the Shield TV with remote on sale for $149.00 through Christmas. That’s $30 off the regular price. Also on sale is the Shield TV with remote and game controller for $169, which is also $30 off the regular price.

  1. clocks says:

    This update messed up my remotes. Been unusable. Have to check the USB compatibility again and see if that got switched back. Or if something else changed.

    • Charlie says:

      As a new Shield user I’m wondering how long it takes to handle the remote without raising and lower the volume, lol. So far, I dislike the remote almost as much as I do the Apple TV one.

      • Brian says:

        Takes a few weeks. You have the option of turning off the volume control in the remote. I have found it to be very useful after time.

  2. Sebastien says:

    Has YouTube 5.1 surround sound?

    • Charlie says:

      I have found with the 2016 Roku Ultra and the Stick 4K that I get audio that lights up my surround system’s DD flag and sound as if it is DD. While it is possible it’s not actual DD audio and is some processing going on in my system it is enhanced sound. I will try out my Shield when I get home tonight. The enhanced audio is great on music videos.

      I do not have the same experience with my 2017 Ultra for some reason.

      • Charlie says:

        Update: I tested and did not find any 5.1 audio on Youtube with my setup. That doesn’t mean it’s not enabled for some systems, but while the Stick 4K makes my system think it’s getting DD audio the Shield for the same content did not. The Stick 4K also gets DD audio on Hulu.

        I haven’t given up yet, though. Audio is an important part of the experience for me.

        • Sébastien says:

          I know that youtube resamples all videos to stereo. It is possible that new uploaded videos will keep the original audio format

  3. Mark B says:

    And yet the Amazon Prime Video app is still garbage on Android TV/Shield. You can’t search for Amazon content from inside the Sheild using Voice/regular system search. That’s right, if you want to rent a movie or even just search for content included for free on Prime Video it doesn’t come up in system Search like it does on Roku and Apple TV users.
    It’s an embarrassment to Amazon, makes them look incredibly petty and also makes the paying customers life hell because when using a Shield you have to search once with the regular system search then do a 2nd search by opening up the Amazon video app then use that terrible search interface to see if your content is there.
    If you own a Shield/Android TV like I do Amazon makes it as difficult as possible for you to find Amazon content. It makes zero sense.
    So do yourself a favor and If you own a Shield skip Amazon content and stick with Google play and Vudu/Netflix content etc. All of that content is easy to find.

    An yes I’ve complained to Amazon many times, they refuse to fix the app or allow Android TV users to easily find Amazon content.
    Hope you’re reading this Amazon reps….

  4. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the post. I got the update yesterday and am glad to learn 5.1 on Youtube. I will enjoy that! Pretty cool to get an update 2 days after buying mine. I didn’t realize it was more than just catching up on updates until I read your post.

  5. KB says:

    the code is not adding for the amazon music app.. i went to the website and nothing happen

  6. JFC says:

    Yep, the Amazon Music app for the Shield remains incompatible with the MiBox Android TVs. So it really is more of an NVidia app than an Android TV app.

  7. Frank Nitty says:

    Amazon’s half assed implementation of Amazon Music on the Shield is laughable at best. My heart goes out to all of you Shield owners going through all turmoil and despair. Y’all should sue Amazon for pain and suffering due to triggering your PTSD, lol.

  8. Cgltd says:

    Shield TV is not the only Android TV device that supports Prime Video. Android TV in on Sony TV’s. Although the app does have it’s issues it is there.

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