NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $149 — Lowest Price Ever [UPDATE: $143.20 at B&H] [Expired]

The NVIDIA Shield TV is on sale for $149.00. This price matches the lowest price that it has ever been. This is the bundle that includes only a remote and does not include a game controller. The bundle with a game controller is not currently on sale. The Shield TV runs Android TV and is a good alternative to the Fire TV if you need the extra horsepower for tasks other than watching videos, like playing PC caliber games and running a local Plex server on the device itself.


B&H has the same Shield TV bundle for $143.20

  1. Craig says:

    If anyone needs YouTube and Amazon Prime Video and doesn’t want a slow Roku? Start buying now! Cause if you have Fire TV? You’re about to lose YouTube on New Years and this is the best Android TV device money can buy! The quality is amazing!

    Don’t miss out on this price!!!

    • hdmkv says:

      YouTube will no doubt return on Amazon devices before long.

      • Craig says:

        It all depends on how fast Amazon implements Google Cast sender into Prime Movies and sells both Nest Thermostats, Chromecasts and Google Home Assistants on their website. Cause that’s Google’s clear cut and dry ultimatum for YouTube. And at this point? I don’t blame Google.

      • Charlie says:

        I have side loaded smart youtube TV apk that allows for sign in to your YouTube account. I had done the same with the Android TV apk, but you can’t sign in, so forget about it. I’ve seen videos involving installing two or three apps to get the apk installed, but download the apk it’s all you need.

    • clocks says:

      I have already seen at least 3-4 simple, alternative ways to get Youtube on the FTV.

      • FirstWorldProblems says:

        And we don’t know if any of them will work until New Year’s Day.

        • Tech3475 says:

          I suggest waiting before making any purchases due youtube, or if you do due to a sale like this then dont use it until we know what happens in case you want to refund it.

          Seems silly to me to rush out and buy something which could prove unnecessary.

    • Tech3475 says:

      How much is Nvidia paying you?

      • FirstWorldProblems says:

        I would think any checks would be coming from Amazon since the links in these sale articles all go to Amazon.

        • Tech3475 says:

          I was referring to Craig due to the way they keep promoting the Shield.

          I know that this site is paid if I buy through the link.

          • Masterblaster says:

            Some people are passionate on more than one tech device. I own a Shield TV and would highly recommend it for anyone who’s seriously into cord cutting.

          • Tech3475 says:


            Theres passionate, then theres obsessive.

            The problem is that the shield tv isnt perfect (it was missing certain services last I checked) and may be overkill or unsuitable for allot of people while costing many times more than alternatives or being close to other alternatives (eg. Xbox one s).

            Especially when the situation is still ambiguous for existing device owners.

            Btw I own one along with various other devices/platforms.

          • Craig says:

            This a joke, dude?! I ain’t being paid a single solitary penny! The thing gets firmware updates on a regular basis, runs like butter itself, has Plex server and can be turned into a Samsung SmartThings hub with a dongle. It’s worth $149 easy!

  2. Charlie says:

    The Shield is definitely right at the top, and I always wanted one, but looking at the sale I can’t justify it. All that horse power to stream content like a Roku or FTV seems a waste. I have a Nexus Player that is still supported and is running Oreo and works well and the Shield has the same interface, which ain’t too great, as far as that’s concerned. It’s just a toy really and every so often Google loads in a deal for any movie rental for .99 that I play back on my Roku Ultra for Dolby audio, so I keep it connected.

    I’m still hoping for the FTV4 Cube before too long.

  3. Dave Ninja says:

    The Shield is great. I’ve had an Amazon FireTV, Stick, Mi Box and Shield TV and the Shield is the best of the bunch (also most expensive). One of its benefits over the others is the ability to be a Plex Media Server.

    • SteveShielderson says:

      How is the MiBox, I mean really. Does it deserve the bad reviews that some people give it? I imagine it’s just like the Shield, just a bit slower.

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