NVIDIA Shield TV can now stream 4K content from Google Play

It took a while, but the NVIDIA Shield TV is now able to stream 4K movies and TV shows from Google Play. Google added 4K content to their marketplace when the Chromecast Ultra debuted last year, but strangley, the new Shield TV didn’t launch with access to that library. That misstep has now been corrected, which adds another 4K source to NVIDIA’s lineup. You can also now cast 4K content to the Shield TV.

  1. Masterblaster says:

    Yes more 4k content

  2. playingmax says:

    will u ever post rooting guide for the shield tv?

  3. luthersman says:

    I’m loving my shield. i sold all my firetv’s. I got tired of amazon’s ads and home screeen.

  4. Ichijoe says:

    Apparently like all such good things Google Play Movies @ 4k. Is an ‘Merikan ONLY thing for now. As the German version has absolutely Zero, Narda, Zilch. In the way of 4k Content at the moment.

    If Fire TV, had more ‘Free’ content al-la YouTube (al-la Leanback Launcher) it probably would be better. But, if your not that much of a Gamer, and the Xiaomi Mi Box, is not available in your local. The Fire TV Stick is still a great Box with so-so support for Kodi v17.x Krypton.

  5. jbrodack says:

    I’m curious what is next for fire tv but for now shield tv is great. Best kodi support for an android box, best at running emulators, and best general 4k support. Can run a plex server too.

    Plus a lot of stuff on the horizon like google assistant and additional dvr options such as Tablo.

    • Ichijoe says:

      Yes but, even for all that. It would be most unfair to compare the Fire TV with the Shield TV. To start with the Fire TV is like a quarter of the price of the Shield. And that’s for the cheaper 16Gb version. So I doubt anyone will be busting out a Shield Killer ever. Save nVIDIA themselves, and with the recent release of the 2017 Slim & Light 16Gb Model nVIDIA themselves don’t seem to interested at this time to kill off the Shield.

      Besides the Fire, and to that the Xiaomi Mi Box, are there to cater more to those who want to have a simple, and economical way to access the ever growing content of legal OTT services. And, perhaps try this Kodi thing that seems to be 8n the news a lot lately.

      So with the Advent of 4k UHD, and HDR content, it would be most logical to expect Amazon to start addressing this with the Fire TV 3. Which will hopefully be able to deal with more 4k content than, just 4k@30FPS.

  6. Ichijoe says:

    Fire TV2 16GB 89.99€
    Shield TV 16GB 229.00€
    Shield TV Pro 329.00€

    • jbrodack says:

      Here the Fire TV 2 is currently $89 and shield 2017 is $200. Keep in mind that the shield 2017 includes both a remote and controller.

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