NVIDIA Shield TV can now be controlled by Alexa and Amazon Echo devices

NVIDIA has announced that the Shield TV can now be controlled using Alexa through an Amazon Echo device. Once you have the Shield TV Alexa Skill enabled and paired to your device, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to turn the Shield TV on/off, open apps, change volume, control media playback, and more.

The addition of Alexa support to the NVIDIA Shield TV makes it the only streaming media player that can be controlled by both Amazon Echo devices and Google Home devices. Since NVIDIA’s integration with Alexa is done through an Alexa skill, you should be able to use any Alexa enabled device to issue commands directed at the Shield TV. Theoretically, this should mean that you can even use the hands-free Alexa capabilities of the Amazon Fire TV Cube to control the Shield TV, although I have not verified that this works.

To wake up or put to sleep the Shield TV, say “Alexa, turn on/off Shield.” To open an app, simply say “Alexa, open [app name] on Shield.” Commands given soon after you turn on the Shield TV with Alexa will not require you to say “…on Shield” each time, but after a while, you will need to always specify the command is for the Shield TV.

Controlling media playback is probably what you expect them to be, so you can say “Alexa, play/pause/next/previous on Shield.” You can also rewind and fast-forward a specific amount by saying “Alexa, rewind/fast-forward [#] minutes,” however, this only currently works for HBO, Google Play Movies & TV, Hulu, and Vudu. You can change the volume of the Shield TV by saying “Alexa, set volume to [#] percent on Shield,” but this does not work to change the volume of your TV, soundbar, or AV receiver if you’re using the Shield TVs IR remote capabilities.

To load the home screen of the SHield TV, you can say “Alexa, go home on Shield.” Lastly, you can load the device’s settings menu by saying “Alexa, go to settings on Shield.” If you want to bring up the controller settings to see controller battery life, you can say “Alexa, go to control settings.”

These home theater equipment control commands have been available for Fire TV devices, Tivos, and select set-top cable/satellite TV boxes for some time. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time a non-Amazon media player has received Alexa support, so we might see Rokus, Apple TVs, and other media players gain support for Alexa in the near future.

  1. MikeS says:

    I sure wish these things would work locally. We’re in the area affected by hurricane Michael and it’s going to be a few months before we get our broadband back and it’s frustrating having so many devices that just won’t work with connection to some server so far away…

    • MikeS says:

      that should have said “won’t work WITHOUT a connection”

    • OG Charlie says:

      If you have a Shield, you can always plug in an external hard drive.

      I have all my movies and music locally mirrored so I can still watch when the internet’s down.

      • MikeS says:

        Yep, I’ve got a 4TB external hooked up to it. I was referring to all the “smart” devices in the house that are really dumb without an internet connection. None of the lights, switches, cameras or sensors are working.

  2. Mike Agner says:

    I’m getting an unable to connect message when I try to enable the skill from my laptop, and yes, I did the NVIDIA part first. I have an Echo Dot 2nd generation. Maybe this needs the 3d gen?

  3. Boudyka says:

    Skill not available in the UK…Are you %£A%”^& kidding me. This US only thing is starting to seriously grind…

    • Paul W says:

      I completely agree. The US always seem to get all the good shit first and it really annoys me.

      • John Knoxville says:

        Meanwhile in the US, we always complain how Korea gets all the good shit first.

        At least we FINALLY get Sky’s coverage of Formula 1 in the US.

  4. Lenin Diaz says:

    Now if Roku could made an Alexa skill… that would be the dream.

  5. Mike Agner says:

    OK I got my Nvidia paired, but Alexa didn’t recognize ‘Shield’. If you look at Setup a new device in the App, you won’t see the Shield listed there. I was successful, however, in getting the Dot to recognize it. Briefly put you must run Discovery, then associate the link to your device. Before you try this, make sure your pairing is complete, and the Nvidia is online. This is the process I discovered, and as always, YMMV

    Go to your Alexa app, Select ‘Music Video and Books’. Go to ‘Video’ and you should see the ‘Nvidia Shield TV’ at the bottom somewhere. Click on it and you should go to ‘Manage and Link Devices’. Click on it. You will see a list of your linked devices if you have any. There should be a button for the Nvidia. Click on it, and let Discovery run. If successful you should get a message, then you should be able to associate the discovered device to your Dot.

    I haven’t tested all the commands, just turn on and off to validate that the Dot was communicating with the Shield.

    This is the detail that should have been included in the announcement. Hope that helps someone…

  6. Mike Agner says:

    One other comment – if you have one of the Shields that randomly disconnects from your network (like I do) you may need to rerun Discovery to reassociate Alexa with the Shield. It’s a pain in the tukis, but that’s the way it is…

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