NVIDIA Shield TV and Roku Premiere are both currently on sale for great prices

If you’re looking for media player alternatives to the Fire TV line up, a few of the top choices have just gone on sale. First is the NVIDIA Shield TV Gaming Edition, which is on sale for $168. This is the bundle that comes with both the remote control and game controller. This price is about $10 more than the lowest price it has ever been, but its a good deal since the regular price is $200. If you don’t need a game controller, the remote only bundle is on sale for $149 as well. If you’ve been curious to try a Roku device, the Roku Premiere is on sale for $29.99, which is $10 off its regular price of $39.99. This is the first time the Roku Premiere, which was released just a few months ago, has ever been on sale. Remember that the Roku Premiere comes with a line-of-sight remote that requires being pointed at the player. The Roku Premiere+, which is a Walmart exclusive, is the better device due to its better remote, but it’s not on sale and is still priced at $49.99.

  1. Charlie says:

    Has anybody had a good experience with the Premiere 2.4 802.11N wifi, since it’s not AC wireless or even dual band? I would love to think the 29.99 device is decent. I read a review that said all the players released last fall have the same quad core processor. I assume that includes the 2018 Ultra. If true the Premiere might be pretty quick.

    • Tony Ramirez says:

      No dual band no buy. I can’t stream anything on 2.4ghz I can’t even keep my wireless printer online it is so bad.

      • Charlie says:

        Decided to roll the dice. What the heck? It’s 29.99. I used be a person who would never rely on sticks, but now I have Stick 4K’s. I have owned several Ultras and still have one now. Who knows? I might be pleasantly surprised, but expect not to be. I’ll find out tomorrow.

        • Charlie says:

          So, not bad at all. I’m getting all bars on my 2.4 wireless connection and 55 megs down on the Netflix test. It’s quick and the home screen looks as beautiful as any Roku I’ve had.

          I’m having one odd issue I’m in touch with Roku about, 1/4 screen size videos in Youtube. Other than that I’m pleasantly surprised.

          I’m only using it for 1080P on my bedroom TV and to be honest I wish I had at least bought the Stick+, but my first impression is that it’s pretty decent. I wouldn’t replace my Shield with it, but it’s definitely a nice streamer for only 30.00.

          • Charlie says:

            Update: I worked with Roku and Youtube and the app issue was patched yesterday. I am lucky enough to get an “excellent” 2.4 wireless signal and I have come to really like this little device. It seems so tiny until I compared its area to that of a fireTV stick and then it doesn’t seem so small. I am actually quite happy with it and paired an enhanced remote with TV controls I had on hand with it, so now it’s a Premiere+. I would prefer it had Ethernet and or AC wireless but for 30.00 I can’t complain too much

          • Charlie says:

            Late update, in case someone looks at this thread. After a couple of weeks I returned the Premiere and ordered a 2017 Ultra that was a certified refurbished one for 59.99. While the Premiere was surprisingly good for the price of 29.99, the 2.4 wireless was only workable if in just the right spot, so I became frustrated with it.

            Now I have 2 2017 Ultras and am back to my position of always opting for Ethernet.

  2. cdlenfert says:

    You should provide a link to the Roku device that is on sale. Right now you’re only linking to the Premier+.

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