NVIDIA Shield TV (2017) w/ remote & controller is on sale for $169.99 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

The NVIDIA Shield TV has just gone on sale for $169.99 on Amazon. This is the latest model that was released at the start of the year. It’s the package that includes both the remote control and game controller which normally sells for $199.99. This sale matches the lowest price that the Shield TV has ever been. The Shield TV is a very capable gaming and streaming device that runs Android TV and is a great alternative to the Fire TV if you’re looking to do things beyond basic content streaming, like running a Plex server on it or using it as an OTA recorder.

  1. Tenderfoot says:

    Looks like Bestbuy is matching the price as well!

  2. porosenok says:

    Intel mini pc is better for 150$+ price…
    For all task

    • Jon says:

      Forget the hardware, and the Shield has some pretty serious hardware. Usability and usefulness alone makes the shield better than any x86 option out there. There are very few remote friendly applications for Windows and even less for Linux. Try using Netflix without using a mouse on a Intel mini pc.

      For a TV in my opinion NOTHING beats the Shield, especially an Intel mini pc.

      A really good bonus is to pair the Shield with a GameStream ready computer and you have a pretty serious console also. A fairly expensive console, but one that can compete rather well with anything on the market today.

      • Dave says:

        You can install LibreElec on x86 computers, guys. It doesn’t have to run Windows.

        • User says:

          Then your even more limited…Shield is a great Kodi/Plex box PLUS you get actual 10 Foot apps with 4k/HDR/Atmos etc from Netflix and Amazon and Vudu etc. X86 is dying a slow death for HTPC use. Let alone when you factor in Google Home or Echo etc. Android is definitely the way to go. If MS had bothered to spend even a few bucks trying to get the market to adopt MCE HTPC’s might have a future.

          • sosh says:

            Mostly agree, great device, but it’s not Android, but rather, “Android TV”, which is crippling in that it doesn’t allow many apps, especially many games (like Minecraft), which is really really really stupid considering that this is supposed to be a console ;) The Shield has the fabulous distinction of being the only device in the Solar System that can’t run a version of Minecraft…

    • FirstWorldProblems says:

      I wouldn’t let WinBLOWS within 75 miles of my entertainment center.

  3. sosh says:

    I have a Shield TV, it’s a very good device, I do use it to play games, native Android games, but the one -=serious=- downside of the Shield is that it runs Android TV instead of stock Android, and this means that many MANY games won’t work!

    Utter BS considering it’s a “light” game console. It’s the only device that exists on the planet which can’t play Minecraft, for example, and this pisses me off to no end… The new Animal Crossing, which my kids like also does not work on the Shield, which is, frankly, rather stupid…

    It’s awesome to play the old Half Life/Portal games, sure, but I cannot get over the fact that I can’t just play any random Android game–silly, useless restrictions which have no basis in technology–highly highly irritating… Even those that games which are happy as clams using a controller rather than a touchscreen won’t work…

    Even if you sideload such games, they’ll fail because they’re looking for OS stuffs that comes with stock Android, but not Android TV… Rooting is an option, yes, but then you lose the rest of what makes the Shield good.

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