Nvidia Shield Pro partially recalled due to hard drive issues

When the Nvidia Shield first became available, it was iniitially only going to be offered with 16GB of internal storage. After a developer version with a 500GB internal hard drive began stirring up positive hype, Nvidia decided to release it to the general public as their “Pro” version. Perhaps they rushed the Pro model into production too quickly because now some Nvidia Shield Pro units are suffering from hard drive issues and are being recalled. Nvidia says only a small number of Shield Pro units are having issues and that the non-Pro 16GB models are uneffected.

If you were tired of waiting for Amazon to refresh the Fire TV and picked up an Nvidia Shield Pro, pay close attention when installing upgrade 1.4. If you see the fastboot menu while upgrading, then your Shield Pro is effected, even if it eventually updates successfully. Another sign of a faulty unit is severe pixelation of the top row on the home screen. If your Nvidia Shield Pro has experienced either of these symptoms, you should contact Nvidia for a replacement.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    Whose genius idea was it to use a HDD instead of MMC Flash or SSD? I’d rather have the 16GB of fast storage than 500 GB of, what is insanely slow , storage on the Android Platform.

    • smee says:

      There are two versions. The less expensive one has 16GB of flash. The more expensive one has a 500GB hard drive.

      People want more storage for things like media and games. This box has the hardware potential to play many console-level games (not quite XBox One or PS4 level but it compares well with older consoles). Although the box has a slot for a micro-SD, the way Android works does not guarantee that you’ll be able to store very many large games with only 16GB.

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