Nvidia releases Shield TV update to fix the numerous issues caused by Android 11

A 9.0.1 software update will begin rolling out to Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro devices to address several issues caused by the 9.0.0 update. That update moved Shield TVs from an OS based on Android 9 to one based on Android 11. Google made many changes to how Android handles file permissions in Android 10 and Android 11, and those changes wreaked havoc when they arrived on the Shield TV earlier this year. Nvidia has released several optional hotfixes that needed to be installed manually since then, but this new 9.0.1 update is the first one to automatically roll out to all devices. Nvidia says that it “resolves Plex Media Server issues, fixes storage permissions on media player, file browser, and emulator apps, and fixes stutter when playing interlaced content,” as well as numerous other fixes.

  1. DrakenFX says:

    Finally,this update fix my SMB and some other issues I had….yay Nvidia.

  2. Patrick Power says:

    Hope it comes to Canada asap. Messed up my smb and emby server. Constant reboots required

  3. Mjm says:

    Did this fix Atmos on Vudu?

  4. Tom Rose says:

    I have downloaded but not yet installed the old defective update. How do I coordinate old and new? Is there a way to delete the old downloaded update or will the new update override the old?

  5. EJ Max - says:

    I’ve applied the hot fixes and got temporary use of Plex before it crapped out again. I just now started the upgrade to 9.0.1. (Thanks Elias for the heads up). I don’t think it could be much worse than what I’ve been experiencing lately. Regardless, I ordered a NAS today with which to run Plex (and of course store files). BTW, I have at least two streaming sticks attached to every TV in the house in case any one of them goes down. They’re basically cheap loss leaders – except for Nvidia – for the outfits that sell them. I’m sure Roku and Amazon get their profit elsewhere.

    • EJ Max+ says:

      I had to reboot after the upgrade to get the Plex server to find the external drive that holds my media. So it looks like it’s working again … for now.

    • Which NAS did you pick up? I picked up a DS920+ about a year ago and have been pretty happy with it. Works perfectly as a Plex Server for local Plex but it has struggled a bit when transcoding for out-of-home Plex streams.

      • Edgar R. says:

        PMS on nvidia shield is great for local use. But not really external. Same with NAS’s. CPU’s just aren’t powerful enough. Direct stream helps. But better to just throw together a “server” with old parts if you have any laying around.

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