NVIDIA announces new Shield TV with Amazon Video and Google Voice Assistant

At their CES keynote, NVIDIA has just announced the next generation Shield TV streaming box running Android TV. Specific hardware specs were not revealed, but NVIDIA says it has three times the performance of any other streaming box on the market. The device’s biggest new features are support for 4K HDR, Amazon Video, and Google’s Voice Assistant.

Missing from all Android TV boxes has been an official Amazon Video app. That changes this month because the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield will be able to play Amazon Video content, including Amazon’s 4K HDR shows. It’s unknown at this time if Amazon will be releasing an Amazon Video app into the Google Play Store for all Android TV users to install, or if this is a limited partnership with NVIDIA which grants their devices exclusive access to the new app.

The other big new addition is the inclusion of Google’s Voice Assistant in the new Shield TV. This is Google’s competitor to Alexa and will allow Shield TV owners to use their voice to launch apps, search for content, control smart home devices, and more. This is the first time Google’s Voice Assistant is being made available on the Android TV platform.

NVIDIA will also be selling add-on microphones called NVIDIA Spot which plug directly into power outlets and extend the range of the Shield TV’s listening range. Spots do not work independently, like the Echo Dot, but require the Shield TV to be in range. Pricing and a release date for the Spot has not been announced.

The new NVIDIA Shield TV is available for pre-order now and will ship on January 16th. It costs $199 and includes both a game controller and a remote controller. In comparison, the 1st-generation Shield TV was the same price but only included a game controller and required the remote control to be purchased for an additional $50. There is also a Shield TV Pro for $299, but at this time, we don’t know what the Pro version adds.

  1. Mark says:

    Great news!! Price aside there is literally no major reasons to choose any other streaming device over the shield TV now.

    • Adam says:

      Unless, like the previous Shield, it still doesn’t offer Dolby Digital support in the Netflix app. If so, then those of us with older surround sound systems still have a compelling reason to stick with the Fire TV.

    • Derrick says:

      I’m pretty price sensitive. So the high price pretty much stops it before it get’s considered. Hell won’t consider an Apple TV at their price so Nvidia has a ways to go. They could drop it $50 bucks and i’d shrug. Its a nice device. I think it’s ugly as sin. It may appeal to people that like modded PC cases with lights but i think it’s pretty ugly. but that’s just a matter of personal taste. Plus i’m not gaming on it or watching 4k so it’s overkill. Plex inside is a nice touch though.

      • Adam says:

        All my devices live behind my TV and soundbar, so appearance doesn’t bug me. I would leap all over this if it came with the Dolby Digital support that the Fire TV does.

        I like the fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing or having what Amazon approves of, and the extra horsepower is just fun to have. ;-)

      • Masterblaster says:

        You can disable the green light bar on the Shield if it bothers you.

  2. Craig says:

    I wish Nvidia could’ve atleast tried to get the price down to $150.00. I know it has amazing hardware/software features and the remote’s now included. But still? It’s a smidge bit to spend @ $199.00 if you’re considering getting multiple devices for multiple TVs.

    • clocks says:

      They added a shitty remote (with no buttons), but removed the sd card slot and other port. Two year old tech re-released at the same price. So disappointing.

      • asdasdsd says:

        Its still a pretty good value. They may have not been making enough money off the previous model and its services. This way if geforce now doesnt make them much they can at least have some profits off the hardware.

        Its better than discontinuing the product or buying an Apple TV for 150 – 200

  3. Joe says:

    So the new Shield is 3x more powerful than the current Shield?

  4. tuablu says:

    At that price why not just get a significantly more powerful XB1/PS4 with much better ecosystems & BR playback during 1 of the many many many sales?

    • Jim says:

      But doesnt it require a membership to play online like xbox with LIVE membership? Or is it like STEAM were no membership is needed?

    • Mark says:

      Same could be said for Apple TV which is much more limited.

      • Derrick says:

        i’d say it for both but apple is cheaper (still more than i’m interested in paying). You can get a ps4 for $229 if your lucky. For me if i’m gaming i’m going with that not a shield. And yeah you gotta pay to to game online but that’s goes with the territory now and i’m guessing it’s a far more robust social gaming experience in the ps4 community than online multiplayer through shield. I mean honestly, i real life i don’t know a single person with a shield either. I’ve used it at my local Frys but nobody i know has one. They all have gaming systems like xbox one an ps4.

        • Jim says:

          The shield tv has the play store where you can get emulators to play classic Nintendo games, can sideload apk’s like kodi, M***, as well as many other movies/sports streaming stuff free.

  5. tech3475 says:

    Im guessing the pro will be a hdd model like the last, going by the pictures on amazon though it appears that the pro has a micro sd slot and a micro usb slot which the regular version lacks.

    Overall it looks like something Id only buy in a sale if at all, especially since my previous criticisms remain so far.

  6. JFC says:

    The only highlight I take from this news is that there now seemingly is an official Android app supporting Amazon Video. (Whether it will be released broadly beyond just its inclusion with the Shield is a different question, as Elias points out).

    However, I’m hopeful that if Amazon Video really is coming to the Android TV-based Shield, it hopefully won’t be too much longer before there’s be an Amazon Video app for Android that doesn’t require also having the Amazon Appstore installed on a device.

  7. Y2Bogus says:

    If Amazon would just join the ultraviolet consortium, everything would be so much easier.

  8. Rodalpho says:

    Makes sense. If they released a new ShieldTV with the Pascal Tegra, it would dramatically outperform the Nintendo Switch, which also uses the old Maxwell X1 but actually UNDERclocks it.

    This truly is 2 year old hardware for the same ol’ price. Not very sexy, but in Nvidia’s defense, even the 2 year old Shield is still the best AndroidTV box by a very wide margin– if you discount price.

    No reason to “upgrade” from an old ShieldTV. It ain’t an upgrade.

    • Jim says:

      So the new shield tv has exact same processor Tegra x1 with 256 cores as the old one? Anyone knows if so Id just keep my old shield tv. I dont plan too play that much games besides some emulators and movies since I have an xbone s already.

      • Rodalpho says:

        Yes, it is confirmed to be the exact same thing. The new ShieldTV is smaller physically, doesn’t have the SDcard slot, but some reports say it does have an IR blaster. Those are the only differences.

  9. jbrodack says:

    Doesn’t seem to offer much of a reason to upgrade if someone already has one but does give reasons for people to buy one if the price was too high or if they wanted amazon content.

    • Rodalpho says:

      It’s basically the same price, but you get a remote control thrown in now. Over the past 2 years the old ShieldTV was available for $150 multiple times and I recall it being as low as $135 at black friday 2015.

      You could always sideload the amazon prime video app. Definitely better to have it officially supported of course.

  10. Y314K says:

    Well, I am glad my PreRooted FTV1’s are still going strong (Paid less then price of one NVidia Shield thru the old Staple coupon deals for all 4 FTV1’s). Unless one of the new devices offer OTA DVR functions I don’t plan to upgrade anything. And if I ever need to replace one because of age then I will probably just wait for a sale of the FTVS2.

    • ACE BOOGIE says:

      I thought this too but the one thing the shield has above the ftv is that voice commands work within kodi. So even if you don’t care about 4k or any of the other stuff that voice search is a game changer for me.

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