Now you can load websites directly from the Fire TV Home Screen

Amazon recently updated its Silk Web Browser for Fire TV devices to make it quicker and easier to jump directly to a specific website right from the Fire TV home screen. Silk, which comes pre-installed on all Fire TV devices, now takes advantage of the Fire TV’s app content preview panel that loads below the highlighted app on the home screen. In Silk’s preview panel are now buttons for direct access to your most recently visited website, most commonly visited website, and all your bookmarks.

For the new preview panel to appear, you have to have Silk set as one of your first six apps, so that the “Internet” icon appears in the navigation bar. When you highlight the Silk icon, you’ll see the new options appear below the navigation bar. Selecting a website or bookmark listed in the preview panel will directly load that site.

Before the preview panel will work, you must first go into Silk’s settings and enable the buttons you want to appear. Amazon has kept this new feature off by default to protect your privacy and keep your web browsing history off of the FireTV home screen. There are separate toggles for your last visited website, most visited website, and your bookmarks. Just turn on the button types that you want to appear on the home screen and leave the rest off.

  1. Patrick Power says:

    Is there a specific version of OS or silk needed?
    I have those options in silk settings.
    But when I hover over internet on main icons I just get “customers also downloaded” app suggestions.
    Or maybe it’s one of those things that will comes to Canada in 1+ years.

  2. RG Geiger says:

    Thanks for the details to enable this feature. I only visit a few websites daily so this is great!

  3. Gustavo says:

    Try the app BOOKMARKER 1,BOOKMARKER 2, BOOKMARKER 3, BOOKMARKER 4 . You can setup a website to each one then add it to your home row.

  4. Rik mayall says:

    I have a massive todger

  5. Matt Rizzo says:

    This is an excellent upgrade and finally something that actually enhances the user experience on the home screen! Rather than makes it worse.

    I used to use the Bookmarker Apps for this purpose, but this new redesign pretty much makes those unnecessary now.

  6. Dcx says:

    Not as massive as mine Rik,not as massive as mine.

  7. John117 says:

    I wonder when they’ll fix the bug in the latest update that made the Silk browser unusable with game controllers.

  8. Danner says:

    This write up is very helpful. The announcement in Silk was so confusing.

  9. John says:

    If I just want to see just bookmarks, can I get rid of the other icons?

  10. John copus says:

    Hi this don’t work in the uk

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