November brings 5 new Amazon Luna games for Prime members to play for free

Amazon has swapped out the games that Prime members can play for free on its Luna cloud gaming service this month, as it has done each month since March. The free games playable in November are Baseball Stars 2, Freshly Frosted, Tetris Effect: Connected, Thymesia, and YouTubers Life: OMG Edition. These Luna games are playable on most Fire TV models, computers, phones, tablets, and newer Samsung Smart TVs. They work best with the Luna Controller, thanks to its ability to connect directly to Luna’s game servers over wifi for reduced latency, but generic Bluetooth, Xbox, or PlayStation control works as well. If you don’t have a controller to use, you can use your phone as a virtual controller to give the service a try without spending any money.

  1. clocks says:

    Oh my, BBall stars looks like the Neo Geo game.

      • clocks says:

        Are you still planning on doing a test/comparison of the 4k upscaling? I think the Verge said that what Amazon is doing is different than the AI scaling of Nvidia. And from the few people I have seen talk about it, they have said it is unnoticeable versus the FTV cube 2.

        • Jeff says:

          Lets be honest about AI upscaling, There is nothing AI about it, it was and is a marketing gimmeck on the part of Nvidia. It all depends on how the orignal film was shot at. It would be hard to make a HD movie look great on a 4K TV.

          • Adam says:

            Speaking for myself, upon purchase I was hard pressed to see a huge difference the one time I tested it using the Shield’s side-by-side-demo function on some 1080p episodes of an action show on Netflix. But then I later found it revelatory when I specifically noticed that 720p episodes of Pawn Stars in Kodi actually looked pretty dang good on my 70 inch TV with AI Up-scaling on, and surprisingly bad in comparison with it off and the video viewed without enhancement.
            Further, presumably disinterested parties of reasonable repute like Linus Tech Tips heartily endorsed the feature. He wasn’t alone. I don’t think any notable mass-market reviewer speaking on it has dismissed it as a mere “marketing gimmick”, as you say. Perhaps you don’t have any personal experience with it?
            In any event, I myself don’t have any experience with the 2022 Cube’s 4k up-scaling, nor have I read any examinations of it at this early date. But I am expecting it to certainly hold up to, if not blatantly outclass tech from 2019.

        • Yes, I’m planning to record all the video samples today (I got unexpectedly busy with personal stuff this week) and likely have it all edited/written over the weekend and posted on Monday.

  2. Tj says:

    Elias, do you have any idea how well Amazon Luna is doing?

    • Nope. No idea. I can say that my readers don’t seem too interested in it, judging by the relatively low traffic going to my Luna posts, like this one.

      • clocks says:

        Someday when I have more time I’d like to try it out. Just busy with other things atm, and my movie/show backlog only grows

      • Tj says:

        Thanks. I’ve enjoyed the service since launch but I get the feeling it may not be doing well.

        And then you have Amazon’s Twitch teaming up with Microsoft to give out 3 months of Game Pass PC instead of doing a promo for Luna could also be a sign doom is in the near future.

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