Non-US residents can now sign up for Amazon Prime in the US and stream Amazon Originals


Amazon is currently working on an upcoming global expansion of Prime Video, which at the very least will bring The Grand Tour to 200 countries in December, but it looks like some of those changes have already gone into effect. It appears that customers not living in the US can now sign up for Amazon Prime through without any of the warnings and restirctions that were previously present. These non-US customers can use their actual non-US addresses and credit cards without any issues. Once signed up, non-US residents can then stream Amazon’s original shows without any geographic restrictions, and without needing DNS/VPN masking services. There is confirmation of this working with Canadian residents and Australian residents, but it likely works with other countries as well, if not globally.

We still don’t know if Amazon plans to officially roll Amazon Video out to 200 countries in December, or if only specific shows will be made available. Based on this new information about Amazon original shows already working without needing to use DNS/VPN masking services like before, it seems customers in countries where Amazon Video isn’t officially available will at least be able to stream most of Amazon’s original shows.

Signing up for a US Prime membership does not grant access to Amazon’s entire Prime Video library from outside the US. Shows and movies not produced by Amazon, even those that Amazon has exclusive rights to in the US, will still not be accessible outside of the US. Even some Amazon original shows are maintaining restrictions in certain countries due to rights deals that have not expired yet. For example, Stan in Australia has purchased the rights to Amazon’s Transparent, so while The Grand Tour can already be streamed unrestricted in Australia with a US Prime account, Transparent cannot.

While this certainly isn’t a perfect global expansion that makes all Prime Video content available everywhere, it’s a welcomed first step that’s long overdue. As content deals expire and new deals with global consideration are signed, it’s undoubtable that the number of shows and movies available globally will increase over time.

  1. Nehemoth says:

    Lets try here in Dominican Republic, I’m an Amazon Prime Member with an US Address by living here…

    Still not working, but I’m using a Nvidia Shield TV, so my Amazon client isn’t designed for Android TV.

    Let’s hope

    • bombo says:

      Ok friend, I live in the Dominican Republic and I also have an amazon account for many years to buy on the internet but I have never been interested in prime video because it was not available for us, now I imagine that if they are going to be available for us, Outside in our Spanish language and also subtitled as happens with netflix, on the other hand would be good to work for connections not very fast as you know is very normal even in our country speeds are a bit slow for streaming.

    • pmcd says:

      There is an Android TV version for your Shield. Have a look at apkmirrors.

  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Why would anyone pay full price for Prime and not only not get the shipping benefits, but be limited to Amazon originals? That would be a rip off for 99 bucks. I hope they have something better in mind than expecting non-residents to pay 99 dollars for limited content

    • pmcd says:

      I suspect they mean that country x Prime membership provides access to at least the Amazon produced titles that they have international rights to. That is, the person in country x would be a member of their local Prime but not a member of the US Prime. That’s probably why there is now a row of titles that can be viewed when traveling abroad.

  3. Joey says:

    Again a great news from aftvnews , I’m only wondering if amazon can sell en ship their fire tv’s/kindle tablets outside Us/Uk/De??

  4. Joey says:

    here in amsterdam NL just checked it but still got this:
    Sign up problem
    You may continue with this billing address, but Prime Video streaming, Prime Music, and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library won’t be available outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Prime shipping benefits are available to shipping addresses in the contiguous U.S

    • loekf says:

      That’s strange. I also live in the Netherlands and could sign up for Prime. Although I have an US address linked to my Amazon account. I’m not impressed with Amazon’s video streaming. You can watch (most) abroad shows. However, why would I pay $10.99 to watch The Grand Tour and 8-10 other shows. I noticed that for some shows listed under Prime I still have to pay. The movie catalogue is blocked by “georestrictions”.

      I hope they make more content available for people outside the US, otherwise I see little benefits.

  5. Mammoth says:

    Is this specific to Amazon Original shows? I presume it would be due to copyright restrictions.

  6. Mark says:

    What will I get in the UK I don’t get on my Fire TV and UK Prime membership? Would this work on my Fire TV?

  7. James says:

    I just tried with my Canadian Prime subscription and it worked. Awesome!

  8. Christopher Loughrey says:

    I’ve never had sign up issues ever with US Prime. I’m in Ireland and use an Irish credit card and have never been stopped signing up for Prime in the US or UK. I took it for granted that everyone could. I’ve been signing up to Prime in the US from Ireland for years without a VPN. Some of the videos required VPN though but signing up never did. There is only an issue signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited, but I’ve never had issues signing up from Ireland using an Irish address, and I’ve tried it on multiple accounts to avail of the trial over the years.

  9. Pedro says:

    Never had any problem or warning popping up when trying to pay for prime with a Mexican credit card, needed a Smart DNS service for video though, except when using Fire TV.

  10. Eric W. says:

    Really hope this means I won’t have to travel to the US to pick up my new devices when they are released.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m an American living in Russia and Prime is working for me as of February 2017. I used to have a student account, but let it expire because I felt the selection of shows wasn’t that good and I was also living abroad at the time, but in a different country and couldn’t access video without the VPN hassle. Recently I got an offer a free trial and had some birthday shopping to do for family members in the US so I decided to sign up and get free shipping. I decided to get on my Kindle and see if video worked by chance and it did! I installed it on my Playstation 4 as well and I haven’t had any problems. There doesn’t seem to be any prohibited shows within the Prime library that I’ve seen so far. I’ve watched Unsolved Mysteries and my kids have been enjoying lots of PBS shows which we’ve missed!

  12. LC says:

    I live in singapore, how do I benefit the Amazon prime membership?

  13. Prima says:

    I live in Canada. I just days ago, purchased from 3 Firesticks, Sideclicks for the remotes, and Prime Membership. (hoping to discard expensive TV cable) Unfortunately, after unboxing and set up of all, discovered many programs and Prime music are not accessible to NON U.S. residents!!??Many of the movie catalogues are blocked by “georestrictions”. And NO ACCESS to’s advertised “unlimited ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists with Prime Membership”. Amazon didn’t have a problem taking the money from my Canadian credit card for Prime membership!!! BUT yet many of the Prime services they advertise, are NOT available to NON U.S. residents! should be obligated, at time of purchase with a non U.S. credit card, that certain Prime services (like music and programs to watch) will not be accessible to me!
    IMO, this is SO DECEPTIVE! I’m extremely pissed off! Immediately cancelled my useless Prime membership, only to receive an immediate response to my Canadian email address, from explaining that by cancelling my Prime membership, I will now lose access to all the Prime benefits such as thousands of Movies, TV programs, millions of songs etc. REALLY!!???
    How do they get away with this fraudulent advertising without disclosing before purchase, services are only accessible to U.S. residents!??

  14. Prima says:

    I would appreciate anyone’s help as to what to do now, with these Amazon Fire sticks with Alexa voice? Her most common response for anything I ask seems to be “please contact support”. UGhhh!! They seem useless now?

    • Chris says:

      It’s because you bought them off and not so you got the American version of their hardware / software (which is locked to the United States). You would need a Smart DNS and/or VPN to access the American content.

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