Non-rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks on version can no longer block updates internally


It was nice while it lasted, but software version has disabled the “pm hide” command used to block software updates on non-rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks running software version 5.0.0 thru This is the command used in method 2 of my update blocking guide. It was odd that the “pm hide” command even worked on Fire OS 5 up until now since it was not available on Fire OS 3 at all. This means that devices running must either be rooted to block updates, or block them externally using a router or a service like OpenDNS.

  1. Ihsan says:

    Is there any news on whether fire tv 1st gen can be rooted on Is anybody working on one?

  2. mattgyver83 says:

    Has anyone tried to see what happens if you try ‘pm uninstall’ to just attempt to completely remove it? I don’t have this update (and now I don’t want it on my stick yet) so I can’t try but I would be interested in knowing the outcome.

    • Simmer33 says:

      Just connect via adb fire and use debloater then block the OTA device update. When you do it correctly and check for updates, there will be a system error.

      • mattgyver83 says:

        So, checked the adbFire source code. Are you sure you weren’t previously rooted? The chunk of code that performs this magic is here;

        In the UI if you check enable or disable it sets the onoff variable to match whatever that is. If enable is caught this block of code is quit, if its disabled then it essentially executes either line 896 or 903 depending on the FireOS version and as you can see it calls ‘su -c’.

        I want to say I am completely certain about this but I am human and therefore cant guarantee I am not overlooking something.

  3. mattgyver83 says:

    I’ll look more into what adbFire does as I haven’t ever used it – ultimately I just trying to sort out what the fix to this problem is. That would be great if there is another non-root method found that adbFire is using.

  4. For me HDMI-CEC don’t work like before! Samsung E-Serie (2012) shows Fire TV as ‘Anynet’ HDMI-CEC device on input source list. If I selected FTV only a message shows up ‘Anynet device not connected’.

  5. TechyChris says:

    If I am already blocked via adb and on OS 5.0.0 will I remain blocked or is this change just for OS and above?

  6. felix says:

    besides blocking updates, what are the benefits to rooting a fire tv or fire stick?

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