No New Apple TV or Subscription Service mentioned at WWDC

As expected, Apple made no mention of the rumored new Apple TV or their new subscription internet TV service at their WWDC keynote presentation today. Word on the street is that Apple hasn’t been able to lock down the content deals they need for what they want to be a complete replacement to traditional cable television. While that is the most likely reason for keeping their new TV offering under wraps, it may be a simple case of not having enough time for such a major announcement. This mornings opening keynote was jam packed full of announcements and even seemed to move quicker than their keynotes usually move. It’s hard to see what Apple could have cut out even if they were ready to reveal the new hardware and service.

Apple’s new subscription based Apple Music service was the focus of this year’s WWDC keynote. The new music app and service, which will cost $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for family access, combines multiple music delivery avenues into one app. Apple’s new music service includes streaming music, downloadable music, human curated playlists, internet radio, and even music videos. Much like the rumored content issues that are preventing the new TV service from launching, the new music service appears to not have as many artists onboard as Apple would like. They gave no specific information on how large their streaming music library is, nor which artists will be available when the service launches on June 30th for iOS and this fall for Android.

Apple’s next opportunity to reveal their new internet TV service and updated hardware is September, which is when their next event is expected. That is, unless, they schedule a special event before then.

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