NFL Sunday Ticket app now available on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


With a week to spare until the NFL opening day on September 8th, the NFL Sunday Ticket app has finally come to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. There were hints last month of the app’s imminent arrival, and now the wait is over. The app allows subscribers of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket to watch every out-of-market NFL game live. That privilege will run you $49.99 per month for the duration of the 4 month season. If you bump up to the MAX plan for an extra $25 each month, you can stream the RED ZONE channel and FANTASY ZONE channel through the app for scoring highlights and fantasy football analysis.

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  1. brad godin says:

    $50 a month…. lol

  2. Keith says:

    Wow, the thievery is strong here. 200 a season hahaha

  3. Damien says:

    Sunday ticket started on directtv. It’s always been $200

  4. Michael says:

    Well someone has to pay the players wages.

  5. When will NFL Sunday Ticket support Charter Spectrum on Fire TV there is no listing under providers for Charter Spectrum

  6. jessie and j c brown says:

    everyone don’t have directtv and really don’t like them. so to ask that I need espn. U say u have it on fire stick than take care of us .please….thank u

  7. I just need espn on firestick. thank u

  8. Shaquanna Walls says:

    Why do you need a tv provider if yo are trying to get rid of cable?

    • Diane Hadley says:

      I have cut the cord with DTV, but because of every different streaming app having different things we like to watch, it’s almost as much any dang way!! So frustrating! !

  9. J gatcia says:

    So does that mean if you get a fire stick you get nfl football just like the sunday ticket without having to pay extra

    • Diane Hadley says:

      I can yes, but it’s between 49.99 and what’s the point of it, DTV is 200 something for the season, which would be cheeper in the long run! I think they found a great way to get money out of us by Streaming these different shows on different app’s, I had Netflix and DTV, but DTV kept going up until it was 168.00 per month, when I started it was 120 something,which is high, but we watch a lot of television, but over 6 months without additional channels, it crept to the 168.00, I complain,they make up some excuse for it, and the cycle starts over, so we dropped DTV and added Hulu, Sling tv, to our Netflix, we are paying over 100 dollars, but I’ll tell you, we have so much to watch we don’t miss good luck in your search!

    • Retta S. says:

      There are easier ways to get NFL on fire stick. If you get a jail broken one, go to YouTube and subscribe to ReviewDork he can tell you how to get it free and its easy to do. From what I’ve read, it buffers and kicks you ouy sbout the same too.

    • Charles says:

      No, you’ll have to pay $200 for the season. Much cheaper than going to a sports bar every week.

  10. Raymond says:

    This is way overpriced. Need a gun and a mask.
    I like the NFL, but not that much. Very disappointed that Amazon would even offer an item priced so ridiculous. My football season has ended.

    • Alan says:

      I’m thrilled Amazon offers an App for NFL Sunday ticket. I will gladly pay $200 to not have to sign-up for cable.

    • Diane Hadley says:


      • Mark Georgevich says:

        Diane you have to have a cable account and then you can subscribe. If you have Spectrum, or some other you can do this.

      • sandy says:

        That’s because Spectrum/Charter sucks balls.

      • Victoria Pitzele says:

        Diane, it is asking who is your internet provider? We only have internet & will pay 50 / 4 months with amazon firestick for the NFL season. Breathe…

      • Thomas says:

        I’ve got the same thing for Wild kingdom on FX. Utter bull shit, and my wife gets the same message for Hallmark movie channel

  11. steve woodmansee says:

    do you have to have direct tv or can you purchase sunday ticket through your amazon account

  12. kevin farrell says:

    This is pretty much an add on IF you buy the sunday ticket through directv they will negotiate if you are are new sign up with DTV. Hint: once your firestick is enabled using your dtv password and it finds its way to your buddy’s house he owes you $100 bucks for the season.

  13. Tc says:

    What log in info do you need? The direct tv Iog in info doesn’t work…

  14. Tc says:

    Log in from direct tv not working when put in NFL ticket on the firestick. Why?

  15. Doris Simmons says:

    Hell no, I have a fire stick, I tryex calling Ixfinity because I figured that if the app was free, I didnt need a cable provider, by the 4th phone call, pissed cause they kept saying “Sir” and I am a woman, they told me they are not familiar with the set up of the fire stick. Seems like what a lot of folk on here have been saying. More money, more money, more money. Now to call Amazon to see if I have to and how much the service is gonna run my pockets!

  16. MICHELE D MASON says:

    I hav fire stick and prime package so when i try to access sunday game ticket app it is asking me for a password??? why if the service provided through amazon prime is free do i need a password.

  17. TJ says:

    just stop watching NFL………..when it hits the pocket book…..perhaps they will get real about pricing and availability.
    any others remember when sundays were about football on over the air networks? and Monday night football?
    all gone the way of the almighty buck…….again……best way to get to NFL……the pocketbook……..and that translates to television viewership! stop watching!

  18. Gail says:

    Can I use it with the student version of Sunday ticket

  19. FreeTVandMovies says:

    Ha, I can get you the NFL Ticket, Red Zone and NFL NOW for only $5 a month and a one time set up fee of $99.
    You will also get Direct TVs entire MLB Package all the PayPreview events NBA and NHL Season Pass for no extra charge. message us for details.

  20. John sodergren says:


    d pay 200 if I could get red zone with it

  21. Kim says:

    Yea we’ll i live in an apartment complex where we are not allowed to have Direct TV but yet we still can’t get NFL Sunday Ticket not even with Direct TV Now, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku!! An our only choice for cable sucks & does’t come in 90% of the time hence the reason we cancelled it & got Amazon Fire Stick & Roku to begin with! Not very happy!

  22. Mark says:

    I can’t find this app on my Firestick! What gives? I have the max package through directv. The nfl Sunday app on my iPhone is nice but I want to watch via the tv and my Firestick.

  23. Marie says:

    I have DTV and pay for NFL Ticket. I am traveling and brought my Firestick. I have the NFLST app. I attempt to login with my DTV credentials just like I would o. Any other app and I am told Not Authorized. Hmmmm….

  24. Paul says:

    Just stop watching and bring an end to the NFL football monopoly.

  25. frank pagano says:

    I want to get nfl ticket to run on multiple tv’s at same time in my home. Is this possible to do with out Direct tv equipment.

    can i do it through multiple fire sticks?

  26. John Racca says:

    Can you FaceTime nfl games with someone who lives in city that broadcast local game?

  27. aleidabianchi says:

    I can see that game online on ScreenVariety Tv and I think it’s the best place to watch NFL this year, check yourself if you don’t believe. Just click on name and enjoy quality of the best stream on web

  28. lance shere says:

    i bought sunday nfl ticket on my amazon fire tv. after i sign with my username and password it it says sunday nfl ticket with a picture of a football. is that because today is monday and all the football games are on this sunday. will the games come on my amazon fire tv on sunday

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