NFL Now, NFL Game Pass, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone combine into new all-in-one NFL app for the Amazon Fire TV


The National Football League has release a brand new NFL app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that combines all of their various streaming content into a single app. With this new app you can access free ad-supported highlight clips through NFL Now, live game coverage via NFL Network + RedZone if you activate the app through a cable provider, and access to every NFL game back to 2012 with an NFL Game Pass subscription. The new NFL app is available on all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, new or old, and is a must have app for any NFL fan.


The NFL Now section is where you’ll find the latest free content within the app. You can stream NFL Now Live, which is the NFL’s highlights show. You’ll also find on-demand trending and highlight clips here as well.


Moving down takes you to a list of the latest games. If you just want to see the latest scores, they’re displayed on each item in the list without needing to click through to the specific game.


When you do click through into a specific game, you’ll find free highlight clips from only that game. If you have a Game Pass subscription, you’ll also be able to watch the entire game, a condensed version of the game, and the coaches film if it’s available.


A Game Pass subscription will run you $74.99 or 7,499 Amazon Coins for the duration of the current season and can be purchased from within the app. If you do plan to buy the subscription, you can actually save yourself a bit of money if you purchase Amazon Coins first and then use them to buy the Game Pass subscription.


The “Seasons” section of the app is where you’ll find older archived games. Currently, every game going back to the 2012 pre-seasons is available. Just like with the latest games, you can watch highlight clips for free from any game, or watch the entire game if you have a Game Pass subscription. This includes playoff games, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl from every season.


If you have a cable subscription, you can activate the app to watch live streaming game converage through the NFL Network channel and the NFL RedZone channel.


Each NFL team also has a dedicated page within the app. Selecting a specific team will bring up access to every game that team has played since 2012, which again is available to Game Pass subscribers. You’ll also see a list of all the free NFL Now highlight clips and videos for the selected team.


Lastly, the app allows you to login with your account. I presume logging in will tailor the app to your specific team and interests. Overall, this new NFL app is a very nice addition to the Fire TV app library. It’s great to see such a large array of viewing options all in a single app. From free ad-supported content, to cable activated content, to direct subscription content, there is likely something for every NFL fan to enjoy within this app, regardless of how little or how much you want to pay.

  1. JV says:

    FYI… logging in with your NFL account just gives you access to NFL Game Pass, for the most part. It does not tailor the app to your favorite team, though I wish it did.

  2. Troks says:

    I hope they make the Thursday night feed available starting the week of Thanksgiving.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Isn’t that the same as the feed you can already watch through the Twitter app?

      • Troks says:

        No. Twitter uses CBS’ feed. This is the last week CBS will carry Thursday night football.

      • Troks says:

        NFL network will exclusively have 8 games starting next Thursday. Four Thursday night games,Christmas eve…. In the past, you could go to and watch a stream of the games. A watered-down version of the NFL Network stream.

  3. Ted Danson says:

    I don’t see anywhere to login with a cable provider?

  4. fassfa says:

    I installed NFL app on my fire tv gen one. I’m still running rooted rom and it’s telling me it won’t run without Google play services???? Is that because I’m on What would Google play services have to do with it running or not???

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