NFL Now comes to the Amazon Fire TV


NFL Now, the National Football League’s brand new online network, has just been released on the Amazon Fire TV. The NFL announced their new online network near the beginning of the year with promise that it would be making its way to streaming devices before the end of the year. They’ve made good on that promise by first releasing the app on the Apple TV last month, and second on the Fire TV today.

The app is a great step forward, but still not what cord-cutting NFL fans are after. The app is missing the one feature most fans want, which is the ability to stream live games. What the app does offer are highlight videos, live press conference analysis, and access to the league’s NFL Films vault. Some of this content is free, while full access requires a $1.99 a month subscription. The NFL has stated that games will eventually be available a la carte through the app, but they’ve refused to comment on live streams.

  1. JRock says:

    This maybe OT, but is there a way to mirror an android device screen on aftv without root? I have the NFL app on my (verizon) work phone, and it will stream live games, but can’t find a way to mirror it on aftv without root.

  2. earl says:

    if amazon fire tv had live NFL football i would shut off my tv cable service because of increasing terrible tasteless commercials i have to watch unwillingly

  3. Lindanne says:

    If amazon fire TV had live NFL football, I would shut off my cable service because of rising cost, poor service, and I have not watched a TV show in over a year.

    • Marvin A says:

      I’m with you. Fire TV need live streaming NFL games. Come on Amazon help us to kill cable TV and satellite TV.

  4. Randall says:

    I get this We’re sorry You are not eligible to purchase this app due to geographical restrictions.

  5. helen bridges says:

    geographical restrictions sooooo suuuuckkkkk
    come on NFL give Amazon fire “the stream”

    its the only “TV” we have

  6. William T Mahoney says:

    Can I watch exhibition NFL games via NFL pass with Amazon fire on my tv

  7. Dale says:

    You still would see those annoying commercials. All live stream have them!

    • Jesse says:

      If only I could see the nfl games on my fire tv. I could cut the cable. Now I see why so many people are trying to come up with ways to stream the games illegally. The companies that can get a app to view them legally can’t get it because the nfl won’t allow it. If amazon would make the nfl a offer they can’t refuse, meaning money, amazon would leap to the top of the list for tv box sales and streaming ratings.

  8. Daniel Tobias says:

    I purchased my fire TV device specifically fire access to the NFL games so I can watch Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football. Currently I cant watch any of those games. So again, why did I purchase Amazons Fire TV?

  9. Jesse says:

    I totally agree with Tobias. I use my Fire TV sometimes. But I bought it because Amazon would start showing the games in Prime Video. I have yet to see or find a game. I emailed Amazon about it but of course I got no reply. So what good is Prime Video?

  10. James Tallant says:

    THis NFL app must be the suckiest thing of all time. I loaded it, ran a game preview ( (2 minutes) and now that is ALL the damn thing will run. Turn it off, on go to other items whenever I return it is the same damn 2 minutes. No options to go back, forward anything. PIECE OF SHIT ITEM!!!!!

    • Jesse Brown says:

      I agree. Way back when I signed up for Amazon Prime it was because they had been saying that they would be showing NFL games this year. They lied. It turned out that the only games they showed were the Thursday night games. That really sucked. I do a lot of streaming so I was counting on Amazon because of some of the buffering issues I have with other streaming services. I don’t even look at the other movies and stuff I get with Amazon prime. Considering all of the money they are raking in you would think they could show every game that comes on. I am sure that they are aware if the huge fan base that football has.

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