Next Google Chromecast will reportedly be a cheaper 1080p device

Rumors of a new Chromecast streaming device from Google have begun to surface. 9to5Google reported last weak that the next Chromecast is currently in development and is codenamed Boreal, but didn’t provide any further information. Now Janko Roettgers from Protocol, who has a good track record for insider information, has been told by a source that the new Boreal Chromecast device will be cheaper than the $50 Chromecast released in 2020 because it will only support 1080p video and not 4K.

The “Chromecast HD with Google TV”, as it is rumored to be called, is said to support 1080p video at up to 60fps. It is also said to be powered by an Amlogic S805X2 CPU and a Mali-G31 GPU. It will, apparently, support AV1 video decoding, a capability missing from the current 4k-capable Chromecast, and it will have “2GB of RAM at most.”

With both Roku and Amazon selling 1080p streaming devices for less than $30, it’s hard for Google’s $50 Chromecast to compete in the budget streaming device market. While a cheaper and less capable new Chromecast is likely disappointing news to streaming enthusiasts, 1080p devices, unfortunately, still dominate streaming sales. Among Fire TVs, 1080p-only models still make up over 60% of the devices used by customers in 2021 with very little change throughout the year.

Google recently refreshed the packaging of the existing 2020 Chromecast by adding a large “4K” label to the bottom. This was likely done to help differentiate the upcoming 1080p model from the existing one. The new packaging also suggests that the existing 2020 Chromecast will remain on sale and not be replaced with a new 4K model when the new 1080 model is released.

Google holds its large Google I/O developer conference in May, so that could be when the new Chromecast gets announced. However, Google typically announces most of its products at an annual hardware event in October, so it may be a lot longer before the new Chromecast is revealed.

  1. Rik Emmett says:

    Both of my TVs are 1080P. I will keep using them until they fail. The picture looks great to me. No need to pay a premium for a 4K device.

    • John Smith says:

      mine too however I have still upgraded to 4k streamers
      even if you don’t use 4k video the speed boost in the menu performance is still worth the upgrade

  2. Michael says:

    Most times I notice 4k TV shows just don’t seem worth the effort and extra streaming cost. I’d say less than 10% have much better quality. I’d rather HDR be added to more 1080p shows instead. Easy to do also.

  3. Russ says:

    I can’t wait to see if they ever get any software updates, I’ve been burned by Google powered products not being updated too much.

  4. Tom Wooden says:

    very little if any live 4k channels. So you are limited to only vod for 4k for the most part. So until 4k comes to all live television 1080 and 720 on smaller tv’s work perfectly fine for me and many others. lol now 8k tv, hardly any 4k tv.

  5. Wolf says:

    I don’t want a cheaper one that is less powerful, I want an upgraded one that has additional storage and a micro sd slot

    • Tom Wooden says:

      then you want a cheap Chinese android box like an X96 or one of thousands of others. pick your ram size, pick your storage size, pick your chips and processers. pick all the ports and connections you want.You can then have a nice clean box or stick without bloatware, zero apps you don’t want or need. Totally personalize your own box for your needs only and not amazons or roku’s needs. I bought this one a few weeks ago on amazon and stuck a 128 usb flash drive in it, and it runs great zero issues.

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