Next-gen Blink Security Cameras from Amazon revealed in new leaked images

With most of the spotlight usually pointing towards Amazon’s Ring cameras and products, people often forget about Blink, the other security camera company that Amazon aquired. It’s a shame because Blink’s main product, a series of cameras that can run for up to 2-years on a pair of AA batteries, is quite impressive. Dave Zatz from ZatzNotFunny! has uncovered the next generation of those Blink security cameras before they’ve been announced.

Not much is known about the upcoming 4th generation of Blink cameras in this leak other than their aesthetic characteristics. They still have the thin-square shape of existing Blink cameras, but, without any glossy plastic, they look quite a bit different from the current models. The camera lens itself has been moved from the center of the body to the upper left corner, suggesting that these new cameras don’t merely consist of the same guts in a new body.

With Prime Day just around the corner, you may want to reconsider picking up a set of new Blink cameras when they, inevitably, go on sale. The new leaked Blink models might just end up being drop-in replacements for the existing models, in which case you’d be fine buying the current ones when they go on sale, or they may come with new features you’ll regret missing out on.

  1. HeyRadar says:

    I love Blink cameras. But they are showing their age. Hopefully these will give me a reason to upgrade them.

    My main needs are zoom lenses. So I can mount them high, but zoom in for better image.

    And software improvements, such as having ability to set schedule per camera. And ignore tagged people.

    • Kary says:

      Higher resolution is a substitute for zoom, like the Wzye Pro 2k. You can zoom in on the images taken. I’m surprised we’re not seeing more higher resolution options.

    • Graham says:

      Schedules are currently set only on the Sync module. If you need separate schedules for multiple cameras, then you’ll need separate Sync modules for each camera that needs it’s own schedule.

    • J C says:

      Although that’s not true of the wired (mains powered) cameras, which are also much cheaper. You can have a separate schedule for each powered camera. Not as convenient, sure – but a camera mounted inside on a window sill can work well.

  2. Darrell Lopez says:

    Will they run on my existing sync module

  3. Tj says:

    I wish they were a lot smaller.

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