Newly announced Kindle Scribe is a reading and writing E-Ink tablet with a stylus

Amazon has announced its new Kindle Scribe which is easily the most innovative new Kindle product in years. It has a 10.2-inch E-ink touchscreen that can be used as a large reading device and a writing tablet thanks to the included stylus.

The screen on the Kindle Scribe is 300 ppi, just like Amazon’s entire Kindle lineup thanks to the recently released new Kindle, which was the last to gain a higher resolution screen. It has 35 front LED lights to illuminate the screen which automatically adjusts in both brightness and color temperature, just like other premium Kindle models. On that screen is Wacom EMR technology for writing detection of the included basic stylus. There’s also a premium stylus option that adds $30 to the cost in exchange for a dedicated eraser on the back and a shortcut button that can switch between various pen modes, like a highlighter. Neither stylus uses batteries to function so does not require charging.

Amazon has built note-taking capabilities for the Kindle Scribe into its standard reader. Notes are stored in your Kindle collection. There is also support for writing on PDF files, saved webpages, and other file formats. You’ll even soon be able to press a button in Microsoft Word that automatically exports the document to the Kindle Scribe.

The battery life of the Kindl Scribe varies greatly on how much writing you do. If you’re just reading 30 minutes a day, the battery should last you 12 weeks, but if you’re writing each day for that same amount of time, the battery life gets cut down to just 3 weeks. The device charges in 2.5 hours through its USB-C port and a 9W power adapter, which isn’t included.

The Kindle Scribe is available to pre-order for $339.99 with 16GB of internal storage and a basic stylus pen or for $369.99 with the premium stylus. There is also a 32GB model for $389.99 and a 64GB model for $419.99. Getting either of the two models with more storage includes the premium stylus.

  1. EmoBrianEno says:

    With writing so good makes you want to spell words with two ‘i’s.

    Thanks for all the great info, visit the site every day.

  2. Charlie says:

    If I had that kind of money to spend I think I would just buy an iPad.

    • Mike says:

      I was gonna say something smart but then I looked into an iPad. I agree with you. Some of those low-end iPads look pretty good – and they’re Apple. (which is bad and good…)

      One problem is – their ‘pencil’ adds $99 to the price. But for the diff, and the Apple environment – it should be worth it.

      I’d always figured the iPad was nearly a $1000. Christmas is nearly here – hmmmmm…

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