New version of Fire TV software update starts rolling out


It appears a revised version of Fire TV software update is starting to make its way out to devices. When the update first made an appearance 3 weeks ago, it carried with it a build number of 550144920. Devices are now starting to receive software updates marked as version but with a new build number of 550145120. A new build number with the same software version number is usually an indication that something was wrong with the initial release. Amazon likely halted the rollout of the first version, which would explain why so many devices have still not received the update.

It’s unknown what the new software update adds or fixes. Perhaps this revised version of will bring the ability to launch apps and videos with Alexa, which is a feature we expected to arrive with the update but never did. Sound off in the comments when you receive this new revised version of and if you notice anything different or new.

  1. bombo says:

    I have blocked updates, I can install this and I continue using kodi and relock updates?

    • tech3475 says:

      Unless you’re using a method which can block HTTPS, no.

      Newer versions use both HTTPS (instead of HTTP) and you can no longer use the pm command without root.

      My router for example (Asus RT-AC68U) cannot block HTTPS using it’s internal firewall.

  2. xnamkcor says:

    No idea why you wouldn’t just make a minimum increment in the release number if you already released the previous version.

  3. Ernie says:

    Im sick of this updates, all crap.

    • Streamer says:

      Why? I can’t tell any difference every time my Fire TV updates. If it wasn’t for this website, I wouldn’t even know it updates.

  4. Jess Haas says:

    Whatever the change is they probably don’t see any need for people who already updated to install it. Probably more of an packaging/install change. Or could have locked down rooting firetv sticks or added an app to the blocklist or something like that.

    • Gerald says:

      With the original version on my FireTV (non Stick, 1st Generation FireTV) I had no audio when the EMP-TW700 Beamer was connected using HDMI. Most video didn’t even start playing and the few videos start started playing were twice as fast and without audio. Factory-Reset did’t help, the device was basically bricked (would probably have worked fine with a different HDMI device connected).

      550145120 fixed these problems for me. So no, this is definitely NOT a packaging/install change.

  5. David says:

    Had already updated to Did a manual check for system updates, and got it right away.

  6. Tricia says:

    All of my firesticks and firetvs got the update this morning. I was wondering why the last update never happened on one of my firetv and one of my sticks. Again thanks for posting to let us know it was happening.

  7. gdroid666 says:

    so what does this mean? does this block kingo root on the fire stick or not?
    god damn it i was just about to go buy another fire tv stick, i was going to do it last night but procrastinated
    so am i screwed now if i want to buy a new firestick and kingo root?
    or should i try and get through the initial setup with out updating? will kingo root work on older versions of fire tv FW?
    is there anyone who can confirm if kingo root is still working with the latest revision?

    • Jonas Leary says:

      Kingo root is still working. Sticks are coming with installed and are undating to

  8. damien says:

    update 550145120 just came 12:30 PST fire stick gen 1

  9. Hutch says:

    This version (550145120) killed 5.1 DD+ when watching Amazon movies. I only get stereo. I confirmed several movies and rebooted. Netflix and kodi no problems with 5.1. I’m using Pioneer Elite SC55 via HDMI.

    • Robert Grant says:

      Not only HDMI, but optical output is no longer DD5.1 with AFTV1 unit. Netflix and SPMC both pass DD5.1 as before. This must be a bug. I’ll see if I can report to Amazon. What a huge step backwards.

      band width

  10. Vonda Z says:

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the problems it caused with Tablo. Something in the new firmware caused the Tablo to be unable to discover the correct network interface when connected to Ethernet. Tablo changed the code in their app to fix the problem, but perhaps it affected other apps as well?

  11. Ewle Ebonlore says:

    Kingoroot works just fine on this updated got root after 2 tries…

  12. kilnvideo says:

    wonder if this will change the hyper aggressive sleep behavior the ftv demonstrated after receiving 5210 the first time, a few weeks ago.

    very annoying to switch inputs to a blank screen.

  13. David Flannery says:

    After this second build number update (550145120), the remote response on my FTV 1 was very sluggish. I had to restart the FTV to get normal snappish response back.

  14. Yves says:

    The default font looks a little different on my FTV 1st gen after the upgrade

  15. Steve says:

    Since this recent update I’ve lost access to kodi through recent apps and applications. I can it get it to load now via settings and manage installed applications. Is anyone aware of a work around? {fire tv gen 1 unrooted}

    • David Flannery says:

      Have you tried rebooting it? I had extremely sluggish remote response after this update until I (manually) rebooted.

    • Mars331 says:

      I upgraded to latest version of kodi and it is fixed. Can be done from the fire stick using es file explorer.

  16. Robert says:

    For DD5.1 issues with this update, try this: Settings>Applications>Manage installed applications>Video>Clear data. Works for both HDMI and optical.

  17. Dave says:

    My 1st gen Fire TV is still stuck on 5.0.5. How can I force it to update to I don’t want to factory reset. Checking for updates shows nothing…

    • AFTVnews says:

      Were you ever on the developer preview? Some devices that previously had the Fire OS 5 developer preview installed got stuck on 5.0.5. You have to contact Amazon support and ask for you device to be put on the normal update pool.

  18. kenny says:

    I got a fire stick off ebay a few months ago. Worked fine. Gave it to my daughter and she loves it. Got 2 of them from Best buy, and tried to jailbreak them but the setup is different than the first one i got. It seems to be a newer version and all of the youtube videos I look at to jailbreak it is hard to do because the format is not the same. When I get to the point to select from Android ARM, there is no ARM.

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