New unreleased Chromecast model makes its first appearance

Many people feel the Google Chromecast with Google TV, which was released in 2020, is long overdue for an update. It seems like Google may agree because 9to5Google has found evidence of a new unreleased model referenced in Google’s Home app.

The existing Chromecast 4K and Chromecast HD are designated as models “YTV” and “YTB” within the code of the Google Home app. Last year, a new Chromecast model designated as “YTC” made an appearance in the app, leading people to speculate that a new Chromecast would be released soon. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, despite a slightly updated remote also appearing in Google’s code.

Now, yet another new unreleased Chromecast model has been added to the Google Home app with a new “YTD” model designation. All indications are that both the “YTC” and the new “YTD” models are 1st-party devices from Google and not 3rd-party Google TV devices, like Walmart’s Onn streamers. While it seems like these unreleased Chromecasts will be replacements for the existing 4K and HD models, there’s no telling when or if they’ll actually be released.

  1. Rich says:

    If or when this eventually is released, hopefully it offers nice upgrades across the board. More memory, more speed, smoother response, better remote, etc.

  2. Rod says:

    My guess is that one of the new features will be wifi 6/6e and possibly even 7, but I doubt the later. Not sure if a new soc is warranted but I guess we could see a new faster processor as well.

    • Scott says:

      They should put a little beeper in it like the tracker tiles the beeps when you ask it to find the remote

  3. Chrontius Lameth says:

    I require — nay, DEMAND, — no less than sixteen gigs of flash storage, and prefer no less than 32! As it stands, I don’t have enough free memory to keep installed simultaneously every streaming channel to which I subscribe, or occasionally use at a free tier.

    This thing was designed before everybody and their gerbil decided that they needed their own streaming app and pulled their catalogues off of Netflix. The Second Dark Age is upon us, and one way or another, even average users are feeling an urgent need for storage.

    Also Google, if you could stop being hypocrites about AV-1 decoding, that would be nice, too. And more fucking inputs. Three USB-C with at least two being USB-3 or better would be nice, and wouldn’t require any change to form factor, as a base fucking minimum, please.

    Now, down at the tier of “wouldn’t it be nice if” — Roku offers a “pro remote” with a rechargeable battery, a headphone jack, and hands-free voice on board. All would be nice. Most could be achieved by licensing Xbox Wireless from Microsoft in order to better integrate with Xbox GamePass, so maybe think about that. Amazon offers a motion-activated backlit remote control, as does (did) Microsoft. You offer an overall excellent remote with a VERY responsive voice-input button.

    Combine all these functions and you will have the god-tier king of usability-at-night.

  4. Michael Weiner says:

    Can they reduce the 30 second display of the controls when any other video starts? 30 FULL SECONDS!! Why???

    • Seth says:

      You can press the back button to immediately remove the on screen controls. That includes things like “skip” prompts

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