New software updates rolling out to all Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

New software updates have been rolling out to all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models over the last few days. These seem like security and bug fixes, since only the build number has changed since the last update and not the version number. For whatever reason, the Fire TV 2’s software version has branched off from the rest of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices. More so, the Fire TV Edition televisions also have their own software version, so there are now 3 different versions of Fire OS that are the latest, depending on which device you own.

Back in April, all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models received an update to version (Build 573210520). This was the update that brought the new interface to the Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1, but it was also deployed to the Fire TV 2 and Fire TV Stick 2. A few weeks later, a minor revision of this update was released to the Fire TV 1, Fire TV Stick 1, and Fire TV Stick 2. It carried the same software version number but a new build number of 573210620.

Now, those same devices, the Fire TV 1, Fire TV Stick 1, and Fire TV Stick 2, have just started to receive a new software update. This new update again carries the same version number but has a new build number of 573210720. It’s unclear what this, or the previous, software updates have changed.

Amazon has not updated the “New and Enhanced Features” list on their Fire TV Device Software Updates page. It still lists details of the first update. This usually indicates the update contains no new features and just fixes bugs and security issues.

As for the Fire TV 2, it has not received these two newer versions of the update. Instead, a (Build 574262620) update rolled out about a month ago to just that device. Now, a slight revision of that update, with the same version number but a build number of 574263120, has started rolling out to the Fire TV 2. Again, Amazon has not listed any information for either of these last two updates for the Fire TV 2, so it’s unknown what changes they make.

Last but not least, the Fire TV Edition televisions have received an update to (Build 577224220) . This appears to be the newest software version out of all the devices, so it’s the one most likely to contain noticeable changes that would eventually come to the stand-alone box and stick.

I have not had a chance to dig into these updates yet to see if there are any notable changes. One reader tells me this latest update fixed Dolby Digital audio over the optical port on his Fire TV 1, which broke with a previous update, so that’s one difference that appears to be present. As always, if you notice any changes, let everyone know in the comments below.

  1. RedPenguin says:

    I noticed mine seems to have the 720 update on Fire TV Stick Gen 2 and it claims I had it since Jun 22nd.

    I noticed you never usually even notice any updates to your stick except of course when they completely changed the Home Screen from the old version when I bought the stick in Feb ’17 to a little bit later that day.

    I personally much prefer the newer Home Screen compared to the old one even though I barely used the old for a day.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yup, most will already have these updates applied. They’re small and rolled out fast. With 3 different versions, all technically the latest, I have been trying to figure out what’s going on, which is why I didn’t post about the updates when they first started rolling out.

      Things were a lot easier when there was just one device to keep track of. Now there are 5, with at least another 1 coming later this year.

  2. DotWin says:

    My Fire TV 2 received the 574263120 update 3 days ago.
    I did not notice any changes which is unfortunate, because the severe stutter issue when connected to Bluetooth headphones is still present.

    • RedPenguin says:

      Speaking of Bluetooth and the Fire Devices, one thing that drives me crazy is, if I hook up a BT Speaker or BT Headphones I have two issues with my Fire TV Stick Gen 2.

      First off there seems to be no way to shut off Auto-Connect, so if you want your BT devices for something else, you have to tell the Fire Stick to “Let Go” of your device.

      But the other issue is when using SPMC/Kodi, many times when you rewind a video but not always, there seems to be a strange gap in audio to where it can take your BT device at least 5 or more seconds to play audio again while the video continues in the mean time.

    • devansh says:

      I did notice that, realized my device was using Bluetooth 3.0, upgraded that to 4.0 and it works fine.

      However, there is no way to control volume, and I’ve experienced few times especially with the youtube app.

  3. Erin says:

    Huh, my 2nd Gen Stick updated June 29th and I didn’t even notice. Haven’t checked my Original Stick.

  4. Ron says:

    I noticed that I had set display to 480. One of the updates forced everything back to 720. The last update returned me to 480.

  5. Dave says:

    My 1st gen Fire TV runs Rbox’s latest along with TWRP. It would be nice to find a more effective way to block updates. I blocked the urls on my router, but they exceed the allowable character length. Whenever there’s an update my 1st gen reboots to TWRP and hangs there, until I reboot it. This happens periodically until I update with the equivalent Rbox version. Is there another option to block the updates or otherwise prevent these reboots to TWRP?

    I honestly haven’t had a need for an unlocked bootloader or root, but have kept them in place just in case. At this point, I don’t see myself going back to stock. Thanks!

  6. Y314K says:

    Elias, RBox has release PreRooted Updates for all 3 rooted devices. Heads up!

  7. Hovee says:

    Has the refresh rate issue been fixed?

  8. shwru980r says:

    The firestarter app works again on my firetv 2. Got the 574263120 update a week ago and firestarter was running after the reboot. I kept getting a message that it wasn’t allowed to run on the previous build.

  9. Roger says:

    I would like to go back to stock…for the first generation amazon. I had someone do the setup a couple of years back but now they’re living overseas now. Is there an easy method to go back to stock, for the first generation Amazon TV? I would like to try this process myself.

  10. dggm says:

    I’ve been having bluetooth issues since the new update (AFTV 2015). I primarily use bluetooth headphones, and any video with high throughput video seems to cause the audio to the headphones to drop. I know I used to get a warning about bluetooth/wifi interference, but this is the first I’ve experienced this problem. Audio is fine without bluetooth (i.e., through tv speakers). Tried two different sets of bluetooth headphones.

  11. Ujn Hunter says:

    Fire TV Stick Gen 2 screen options fixed yet? My guess is… still no.

  12. Jorge says:

    Since the 28h update my 2nd Gen fire tv Amazon video app stopped working. Amazon c/s advised the only option is to do a factory reset. Anyone have any other ideas on how to get amazon video running back?

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