New software update rolling out to all Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition television models

A new software update is currently rolling out to all Fire TV devices. The Fire TV 3 is being updated from version (NS6212/918) to version (NS6212/926). All other models, including the Fire TV Edition televisions, are being updated from version (587600920) to version (587700720).

Amazon has already updated the Fire TV Software Page to list the new versions, which is a bit unusual since they normally wait for all devices to update before listing the new version on that page. As usual, Amazon only says that this update contains “general improvements and bug fixes.”

While it’s likely the new update contains bug fixes, there’s a good chance it also contains new features that will be released at a future date. The software update prior to this one was released over a month ago and we only learned this week that it contained the new On Now row and Channel Guide for live streaming Amazon Channels. The new features laid dormant until Amazon was ready to announce them, so it’s possible this latest update contains dormant features as well.

As always, I’ll try to dig into this update to see if there’s anything I can uncover. Be sure to comment below if you notice any changes once your device receives the update.

  1. Nate says:

    Elias, any word on if rbox will be releasing this new update as a pre-rooted ROM?

  2. Izzard says:

    give me a support of OTA USB tuners !

  3. clocks says:

    So was the Youtube scare a big nothing? I’ve been watching it using Silk/Firefox with noticing no difference.

    • Adam says:

      If you’re watching YouTube on a web browser instead of the native FireTV app that no longer works, then the scare appears to be demonstrably more than nothing, big or otherwise.

      • clocks says:

        Considering half the FTV owners were running around a month ago saying they had to buy a Roku to watch YT, it seems the issue was over blown by much of the press (not AFTV news). I notice no difference.

        • Andrew McNaughton says:

          Something makes me think you’re not “clocking this” clocks.

          Silk and Firefox are literally only on the Fire TV now because of the native app being “disconnected from the mothership”. You’re not supposed to compare using Silk/Firefox. If Silk and Firefox weren’t there, you’d soon notice a difference.

          What would make sense is if you are a fairly new owner and didn’t have the Fire TV long before Silk and Firefox appeared. Silk and Firefox were added to say FU to Google. Google’s silly games need to stop.

          • clocks says:

            I understand, but my point remains, not much has changed. A month ago I used a YT “app” that basically just pointed to the YT tv website. And now I used one of two apps/browsers, that do the exact same thing. People were panicking and buying new devices not long ago. Maybe you are the one not “clocking” this. The old “app” and new browsers all point to

          • Charlie says:

            I have two FTV2’s and 2 Roku Ultras, and an Apple TV and the up to date YouTube app in the Roku’s is the best experience and will continue to be kept current.

          • Adam says:

            Eh, can’t say I’ve tried the Roku, but the side-loaded Smart Youtube TV has more than made up for the loss of the native Youtube app.

            It looks and works just like the native app, has 4k screen-switching capability, and blocks ads, which I would feel bad about normally, but if Google is going to use me and other innocent consumers as fodder in their battle against another billion dollar corporation, eff em.

          • Bob says:

            Amazon disabled YouTube on your FireTV, not Google. Just sideload the non-crippled previous version before Amazon disabled it. Works perfectly fine. Google never blocked anything.

          • Jonathan says:

            The original native YouTube app works much better. Videos tend to freeze in both Firefox / Silk.

          • clocks says:

            I’ve had zero freezes.

          • Joe says:

            I’ve also had no freezes, Been using Firefox exclusively for YouTube. It is a little weird backing out of it.

          • erisdelacol says:

            Silk Browser is based on Chrome. Current Silk version is (Android Chrome is 63.0.3239.111). If Google is still playing “silly games,” why would Silk Browser for Fire TV even be released?

          • clocks says:

            Like Android, I am pretty certain Chrome is open sourced. Meaning Google doesn’t have much say in who creates a custom version.

          • Paul_Aris says:

            Not sure if its googles games or Amazons. Seeing how amazon seems to be a site for resellers to sell things Amazon shouldn’t restrict what devices or content can be sold. They are trying to be a monapoly.

        • Adam says:

          Amazon, without external compulsion, made their flagship streaming product significantly less competitive with Roku and even Google streaming products?

          That seems…odd.

          Perhaps they thought that if FireTV’s stopped showing Youtube, people would stop buying Google’s Chromecasts and instead…

          No, wait, that doesn’t work…

    • Fred_EM says:

      Lucky you.

      My experience with Silk/Firefox is fickle and dismal.

      Amazon needs to get a “real” local YouTube app soon.

      And there needs to be a new Fire TV box that has a real Ethernet connection plus an analog sound output.



      • Jim says:

        I’ve tried the Amazon 10/100Base-T Ethernet to USB Micro converter dongle and it works well. In fact it works via TP-Link house wiring PowerLine plug-in modules. As for analog audio out some TVs still have R-L RCA analog outs (setup for variable output) or still have a 3.5mm headphone output that a TRS Y-cable can convert to R-L male RCAs. However, some makes of newer TVs have eliminated both it seems and supply only SPDIF digital. But, there are SPDIF => Analog gadgets out there.

    • BigTimmy says:

      You can’t cast from your phone to the firestick in YouTube now and that is a big bummer. I used that feature a lot and have been considering getting Roku just because of that. I do not like using Firefox for YouTube and have just stopped using it on the firestick.

      • Adam says:

        Timmy, have you tried Smart Youtube TV?

        I don’t cast from my phone so I can’t say if it will work, but its basically the same Android app that the Fire TV uses, so it might do what you need.

      • scoggy says:

        Yep, this is an annoyance for me. I wish Amazon and Google would grow up a bit and play nicely.

  4. Mauricio says:

    I bought an Element 50-Inch Fire TV edition and its on and shows no new update. I know this is rolling out but it should have at by now. I went into setting and manually checked and it still shows no new version. Is there a way to manually update with USB?

    • Easy Fire TV says:

      It takes some time to update. Amazon randomized the update process based on device so their servers aren’t hammered.
      If you have an early update device, you will always get them early, if you get it late this time, you will always get them late.

    • Megazildjian says:

      Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2 still won’t update. An Amazon chat stated that they are have issues and “working on it”. 3 Days ago they said updates would show up within 24 hours. I am hoping this update fixes the FTV3 overheating and choppy video streaming. Were you able to finally get the update installed to any of your devices? I still do not have the update.

    • SN says:

      I just also bought an element fire tv edition and it is on still. Manual update shows no update as well and I am wondering when Ill get updated to latest!

  5. Francis Andrews says:

    You can still watch Youtube on without a browser, just install smart yourube tv apk…. Done

    • JMD says:

      You can still watch youtube with the youtube application (if you are not running the last update).
      It works pretty well, you have have the message that it’s gonna stop working on 1/1/2018

  6. shutuppaul says:

    I really hope this doesn’t include the god awful changes they made with the latest fire TV where it doesn’t mount flash drives and resets to their interface every time you wake it up from sleep.

  7. Kevin Brown says:

    Just read all these comments and only a couple of them concern what was being requested. Seems this blockade by both parties Amazon and Google is affecting it’s customers more than it’s intended target. Being a shield user who had 0 investment in the Amazon echo system and having nothing to lose as I don’t use Amazon for anything other than it’s shopping. Leaves me feeling like Amazon is fighting a loosing battle. It was Amazon who started this by blocking Google Chromecast device and refused to sell the product. Google is just responding by doing what?? It was Amazon who disabled the YouTube app feels like they have scored another home goal. My advice is as Amazon customers your the victim as well as Porn in this stupid trade War declare as one stop grow up your pair of dick heads seems it’s Amazon who should give in on this as it’s all self inflicted harm…

  8. Charlie says:

    As mentioned above, Roku is the best YouTube experience in my opinion, but on the FTV I’ve tried the browsers and Smart Youtube, but I like using the original Amazon app kept from updating the way Elias explained. You do get nagged some about updating, but I just remembered that maybe I have’t turned off notifications for Youtube yet.

  9. Tim S says:

    I’ve been hoping that Amazon would roll-out Fire TV 3 OS, to the Fire TV Edition televisions !!
    I purchased this TV the Monday before Black Friday, after months of reading up on it, etc.
    I really enjoy the OTA on-screen guide, etc…
    My TV currently can PAUSE and REWIND OTA, but I want the PiP and DVR functionaly, which I read, is a part of Fire TV 3 OS.

    Your thoughts ? Any chance of this happening ??

  10. Megazildjian says:

    Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2 still won’t update. An Amazon chat stated that they are have issues and “working on it”. Over 24 hours ago they said updates would show up within 24 hours. Now what? I am hoping this update fixes the FTV3 overheating and choppy video streaming so I don’t have to send 2 of them back. Only problem is I can’t get the updates. Can anyone confirm they have actually installed this FTV3 update?

  11. If you have been watching the Google vs Amazon trist for a while, you would notice that Amazon disappeared out of any Google shopping results long ago. Amazon also didn’t or stopped selling Google hardware.

    They must have reached some accord in late December because now Amazon is selling Google hardware and Google shopping search results include Amazon.

    Dropping YouTube was just an artifact of the larger conflict. :)

  12. Leia says:

    I just did the update and now my entire box won’t communicate. I’ve reported it twice. Just stays on the home screen and the remote won’t respond. Anyone with this same problem?

  13. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Although I have not found anything new, neither visual nor functional, in this new update, I must say that I have noticed that sometimes when I use an APPLICATION from FireStarter, and then I close it to return to the screen where all the APPs are in FireStarter, the Remote’s 4 cursor keys do not respond.

    Forcing me to go to FireTV HOME and to enter to FireStarter again to continue using it.

    I do not know if this has to do with the FireStarter APP or the new update, but before it did not happen to me.

  14. don says:

    fire tv 3 (dongle) just updated to NS6212/927 (from /926)

  15. 06MonteSS says:

    yeah, new update out already to 927 as mentioned above…

  16. The Brain says:

    According to a report from a Brazilian forum, this update brings the Prime Video international app to the non-Basic Edition Fire TVs.

    At least for the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, which has the same hardware as the global version.

    I cannot check for myself as my rooted Fire TV Stick 1st-gen is still on

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