New software update NS6210/401 rolling out to Amazon Fire TV 3 devices

As is commonly the case after a new Fire TV model is released, Amazon is continuing to fix bugs and push out software for the new 3rd generation Amazon Fire TV. A new update with the same version number but a new build number of NS6210/401 is currently rolling out to those devices.

It’s unknown what this new update changes, but it’s likely more bug fixes, like the NS6210/399 update before it. Amazon’s Fire TV Device Software Updates pages has been updated and now correctly lists as the latest Fire TV3 software version, instead of incorrectly listing the latest software version to be, like it previously stated. Oddly, the software update build value is now listed as (0000033657220), which still does not match the NS6210/401 build value displayed by the Fire TV 3 interface.

Whatever the reason for the mismatched build numbers is, Amazon still only says “this software update includes general improvements and bug fixes” without listing any specifics about what has changed. If you notice anything new or different with this latest update, please mention it in the comments below.

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I know this not be the best place for this question, but hopefully a software update will fix this issue.

    It does not look like you can start Amazon Music on the FireTv devices with commands given to the Echo devices.

    Do you know of a way to ask Alexa, on the Echo Dot, to play music on the FireTV 3?

    Thank you!

  2. clocks says:

    How is this box at handling 4k content. I’ve noticed while the FTV2 and Mi Box claim to be 4k devices, they both can struggle with playing certain 4k content. Since this device uses a variant of the SoC in the Mi Box I suspect it isn’t much better, but would love to hear others opinions.

  3. Firetv3 says:

    Can anyone here help
    I sideloaded third party apps in the firetv gen 3 but it said permission storage

  4. Mtenga says:

    This update does not solve the two key issues: DD+ always on regardless of source and staying in HDR mode after playing HDR material.

  5. NGreen says:

    I’m having a specific issue with this version:0000033657220
    Trying to hook my Dot to the FireTv – On the Alexa App, I head to Music & Books (no video, where the guides say there should be).
    In that menu, there should be a Video category, there is none…and missing the Fire TV option.

  6. brian hanley says:

    just curios how long an update takes

  7. Tony Ramirez says:

    Got the update. Another useless update that fixes nothing. 5.1 is on the time. Hulu stutters even more now. Other apps perform the same or worse. I only keep this POS dongle for watching Amazon video because other players like the Roku and PS4 perform bad on Amazon video.

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